R.S.V. – Revolving Sovereignty Votes

Decentralized governance is the future of any successful Blockchain project. SINOVATE believes that Blockchain is ubiquitous in the underlying infrastructure and services in the future of everyday life. Having fair voting for developments, marketing, and innovations of the SINOVATE chain is vital for everyone. 

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SIN node owners can participate in the voting for the life of their nodes, which is 365 days, so users who wish to continue gaining interest while having a right to vote must have a SIN node. Revolving Sovereignty Votes (R.S.V.) is backed by Infinity Nodes, so after the first 12 months cycle, the nodes and the votes are revolving for low emissions and fair voting.

Infinity Nodes contain an enhanced E-Governance system designed to put power in the hands of its users, in the form of revolving votes. These replace the traditional voting system and are dependent on the lifespan of nodes. Revolving Sovereignty Votes (RSV) allow for the most decentralized E-Governance voting system. In other words, community members who wish to vote must continue to own a node whenever their maturity date finishes.