What is SINOVATE dCloud 3.0?

Incorruptible Data Storage (IDS): The base layer for all SIN Blockchain-based storage solutions.

Incorruptible Data Storage (IDS) is an innovative decentralized cloud and private network mechanism for sending, storing, and verifying encrypted files. It allows users to store files for future retrieval and to send files privately over peer-to-peer. It also allows private messaging between users with the SIN messenger application to guarantee security without storing data on any server.

Decentralized Cloud 3.0

Blockchain-Mail and Proof-of-Integrity

SINOVATE Private Networking (SPN) Unlimited Big Data Solutions

SINCORD Messenger Direct Messaging

bFTP, Blockchain-based File Transfer Protocol

What is the bFTP?

It is a novel protocol for interacting with IDS. We built the IDS network around deterministic InfinityNodes, a fundamental shift in the network, from a Legacy Masternodes-like architecture (DASH, pre-DIP0003) to a new consensus system. Using Schnorr signatures, we can reach levels of on-chain security and speed never seen before. This is important as nodes are required to be available at all times for future IDS dCloud applications, and enforcing new checks on-chain, openly and verifiably by all, is the basis of a decentralized system. With bFTP, we plan on extending InfinityNodes capabilities so that each becomes an open datapoint for storage. The procedure for this will include a fee for allocated space paid by the user for the hosting period. Fees are burnt, and a signed message from the burn address is used for authenticating over bFTP. Once the node has verified how much SIN the user has burnt, the bFTP protocol allows pushing data directly to the node. At this point, the stored information is now safely available on an InfinityNode. For redundancy, InfinityNodes organize and distribute the data among themselves, following a deterministic “score” system based on the hash of the data and the node’s public key. To retrieve data from IDS, a user re-authenticates over bFTP to any of the nodes holding a redundant copy of the data, and then the deterministic scoring algorithm quickly locates the data.


What is B’Mail?

B’Mail allows users to store digital documentation or data, timestamped with metadata and secured by the incorruptible SIN Blockchain. A local copy of the document is available to compare with that stored in the Blockchain at any time.

SINOVATE cryptography and the Blockchain ensures the data stored is securely stored and verified. Besides sending data, the SINOVATE network allows users to store data for specific time limits. All randomly chosen highest rank InfinityNodes continue to verify the stored data for the specified time limit and commit the network fee.