InfiniteChain – SINOVATE

Asset Creation

Built upon the SINOVATE mainchain, InfiniteChain is a Layer-2 blockchain environment exploiting the BIG InfinityNode Layer (BIL) to enable the SINOVATE dCloud ecosystem. The BIL secured by the PoW and PoS hybrid consensus mechanism creates and transfers blocks that are relayed to the nodes of the network. Users can take advantage of high speeds, flexibility, and liquidity.

Both the main SIN Blockchain and SIN InfiniteChain are closely linked. InfiniteChain provides additional functionality for users to create their customized asset tokens. An asset token can then be associated with a specific valued data file or physical good, effectively monetizing the proof of ownership of that data or good. InfiniteChain will open the possibilities of:

  • Asset creation
  • Collateral side blockchains
  • Proof-of-Inheritance
  • NFT (Non Fungible Tokens)


Asset Creation

Blockchain technology was initially designed to improve how financial transactions are verified and recorded. Over time, the use cases have expanded. It is conceivable to leverage Blockchain technology to tokenize physical goods by creating token assets. The built assets provide valuable tools for seamlessly exchanging and storing legal ownership of goods on an immutable distributed ledger. Therefore, each tokenized asset will have an associated value depending on what it represents in the real-world. Tokenized assets are an excellent method by which to prove who owns the corresponding physical goods. It is easy to transfer the ownership peer-to-peer without future disputes or the worry of records becoming altered. It offers potential new trading markets, which were not possible with traditional centralized technology or infrastructure.