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Group 8751

Infinity Nodes

Secure-nodes, passive-income, no-inflation

Group 8751

Infinity Nodes

Secure-nodes, passive-income, no-inflation

SINOVATE designed Infinity Nodes to overcome the hyperinflation that many cryptocurrency projects face. Infinity nodes burn the collateral for complete security and stability.

Nodes are fundamental to how blockchains function to ensure network integrity.  They are vital components of a decentralized network protocol.  Simply put, they are computers or servers on which wallet client software operates. 

Similar to how other blockchains function, the main SIN blockchain relies upon hundreds of nodes dispersed across the globe without concern for borders or jurisdiction.  Each node hosts a replicated copy of the main SIN blockchain. 

 Infinity Nodes provide bespoke functions such as storing data that simple nodes cannot deliver.  The following sections delve deeper into this aspect of SINOVATE. 

What is an Infinity Node?

Infinity Nodes are similar to traditional masternodes implemented by other cryptocurrency projects but have been designed differently for SINOVATE. They help to support the network by granting their holders additional bespoke features via a continuously connected GUI (graphical user interface) wallet. 

Similar to simple nodes, a full copy of the main SIN blockchain is replicated by the Infinity Node holder, who is regularly rewarded daily with SIN coins for the provided services known as Proof-of-Services (PoSe).

Therefore, it is an alternative mean to acquire SIN coins besides the proof-of-work mining layer. 

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Multi-Tiered Infinity Nodes

There are three different tiers of Infinity Node available for users of the SINOVATE network. It is described as an evolution of previously implemented masternode technology by other blockchain projects. Each tier or layer provides different functions, but they all increase the overall decentralization and stability of the network. 

 Each tier requires different collateral in order to create the Infinity Node: 

  • 100,000 SIN coins for Mini SIN
  • 500,000 SIN coins for Mid SIN 
  • 1,000,000 SIN coins for Big SIN 

For full transparency, SIN coins used to create Infinity Nodes are burnt and sent to the unspendable SIN wallet address below.


Infinity Node Security

Infinity Nodes are responsible for securely transferring SIN coins from one peer to another. Randomized several nodes utilize the pseudo-random ordering based algorithm by using the hash from each block.

 The proof-of-work mining layer provides the underlying security with advanced LWMA difficulty targeting algorithm and a reorg solution of 55 blocks fork rejection to the main SIN blockchain.  To be specific, selected groups of ten ranked nodes carry out the process. 




As previously covered, an Infinity Node is an improved version of a conventional masternode implemented by the DASH cryptocurrency. There are still many similarities between the two. Going forward, SINOVATE Infinity Nodes will differentiate entirely from the DASH masternode code, and SINOVATE will become the first of its kind, a pure Infinity Node 1.0 Platform.

What differentiates Infinite Node 1.0 and masternode technology?

The Infinity Node 1.0 Platform will provide the SINOVATE public blockchain with:

  • A more secure and efficient network protocol.
  • A more streamlined network experience. Less CPU utilization and less network communication.
  • The elimination of many discovered security flaws found in the masternode code.
  • The revolution of on-chain node structures.
  • A purely custom-built code different from masternodes.
  • Infinity Nodes will communicate on-chain (no need to start alias)


  • 1) Schnorr MuSig -> Schnorr based Multi-Signature Signing Scheme (MuSig)
  • 2) Provably fair and openly verifiable fully deterministic node rewards
  • 3) Inflation control with a burn-to-run node ecosystem
  • 4) Fully on-chain node registration and servicing
  • 5) Decentralized Autonomous Organisation (DAO) with node democracy
  • 6) Node incentives ensure sustainability


Soon, the first phase of the transition will involve the simultaneous operation of both the Infinity Node 1.0 and masternode code. A complete transition to the sole Infinity Node 1.0 Platform will occur as soon as set requirements are met. It will result in the deletion of all legacy masternode code from the SINOVATE code base.

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Proof-of-Burn Reward Algorithm

Infinity Node uses the proof-of-burn reward algorithm to ensure that all SIN coins used to set up get burnt immutably and recorded as unspendable.  This process helps to increase the validity of the decentralized network and ensures all participating nodes reach consensus.  This feature further secures the network by deterring bad actors who may attempt to carry out malicious activities on the network.  Every node holder commits to support the network’s longevity by locking and burning SIN coins in an Infinity Node for 12-months. In not doing so, they lose the rewards from the blockchain and potential ROI. 

This stability requirement ensures the network’s endurance and limits the coins in the circulating supply to be sold in more significant amounts, therefore reducing the selling pressure. This is not the case with traditional masternodes that can be liquidated and sold at any time. 

Proof-of-burn provides this same stability for future use cases of the I.D.S cloud storage feature by storing decentralized cloud data inside infinity nodes.