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SINOVATE (SIN) is an open-source state of the art community-driven digital cryptocurrency. We build innovative blockchain solutions for individuals, developers, and enterprises. Incorruptible Data Storage (IDS) provides decentralized cloud storage, leveraging thousands of Infinity Nodes, with guaranteed low cost and high security.

The Big “DATA” Problem

Your Data, Your privacy.


Centralized cloud storage exposes data to privacy leaks and data breaches. The management can control, monitor, censor, or provide data to third parties, and the stored data could be lost or modified.


Centralized storage servers gather in one or several places to reduce costs, and on the occasion of a power interruption or other malfunction, many related services often fail or even have the danger of losing the data forever.


The costs of centralized storage are extremely high, these include employee salaries, accounting expenses, legal charges, administration duties, and data centre rents.


Centralized cloud storage is the hub of stored files, data, and databases administered within computing servers over a network.


Cloud storage platforms do their best to provide stable performance, but most cloud providers’ achievements are regularly problematic due to sharing physical resources, such as network, memory, disk, CPUs, with many different users and requirements, 100% uptime can not be guaranteed.


File transfer speeds are critical to cloud storage, especially when dealing with large files. Even though there are limitations of centralized cloud storage, it still has considerably faster speeds than the current decentralized cloud platforms.

IDS Privacy

Through the usage of view keys, Sinovate dCloud data is hidden and private by default. Releasing the viewkey removes this privacy component, making dCloud a private system with optional public data.

IDS Security

Using a novel best-of-n algorithm, data on the Sin dCloud has unprecedented security and redundancy, without sacrificing speed.

IDS Cost

Thanks to Proof-of-Burn incentives, the network rewards InfinityNodes for their actual service and creates a demand-driven economy where node owners have an incentive towards providing a better, cheaper, and more stable service when compared to competitors.

IDS Decentralization

InfinityNodes and Hybrid PoW & PoS consensus ensure high mining and staking participation rates; there are no entry barriers, anybody can set a node up, mine or stake in the SINOVATE blockchain, and everyone contributes to the network security thanks to the usage of these hybrid proofs.

IDS Stability

The limited lifespan of InfinityNodes ensures all node participants can give the users the best possible service not to damage their own initial investment. Unlike other masternode or cloud storage platforms, there is no canceling of nodes before the maturity date, meaning that all nodes must remain online for 12 months, which guarantees full redundancy, stability, speed, and sustainability.

IDS Speed

Utilizing an economic-incentive-based novel redundancy algorithm, each node will hold a deterministically chosen copy of each data piece distributed across a predetermined amount of network node participants. IDS Stability results in never before seen decentralized cloud speeds through the use of on-chain InfinityNodes and non-split files.

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Please find many documents, reports, and guides for assisting you in the SINOVATE ecosystem.

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SINOVATE (SIN) is an open-source state-of-the-art digital cryptocurrency. We create and build innovative blockchain services for individuals, developers, and enterprises. Big Data solutions, Deterministic Infinity Nodes, Decentralized Cloud (dCloud), proof-of-integrity, proof-of-inheritance, and inflation-control are some of the resolutions presented to the crypto space.


SINOVATE endeavors to provide transparency across business and development-related activities at all times. We publish updates regarding our financial status every month. Financial articles.

Our team draws from a broad diversity of skills from many business areas and across many different industries. With the help of our strong community, our ambition and team strength allow us to design and hone the experience of interacting with the SINOVATE Blockchain at many levels, from developers, business leaders, and operational standards to ordinary people.

This allows us to develop software and user experiences from all involved, ensuring that the end-user is the primary focus.