Conferences & Meetups

Blockchain Economy: Istanbul

Blockchain Economy Istanbul held on 20th February 2019 was the first Summit & Meetup attended by Operation Manager and Community Leader Tamer Dagli, together with Advisor Baris Ertul, in order to increase brand awareness, exposure and recognition amongst fellow Blockchain professionals. Attendance took place as SUQA, as this Conference was held prior to the SINOVATE rebrand. Blockchain Economy served as an optimal networking platform and introduced us to a multitude of Turkish influencers, Cryptography Specialists like Professor Serguei Popov (Founder of IOTA) Ozgur Guneri – CEO of BTCTURK as well as exchanges, startups and business investors.

Visual Marketing through banners, business cards and brochures aided us in our promotional efforts, with Tamer and Baris on hand to answer questions on all things SUQA. Rebranding procedures were still in progress, resulting in the decision not to discuss SINOVATE.

In 2020, SINOVATE intends to set up a large stand and will formally address attendees as a designated speaker.

Operation Manager

Tamer Dagli

Izmir Blockchain Network MeetUp

The Izmir Network Meetup held on 29th June 2019 was a casual, outdoor Summer gathering. Attendees included Chandler Song – CEO of ANKR Network, as well as Turkish Influencers and Cryptocurrency Specialists.

A number of worthwhile contacts were made, with Tamer’s speech providing a detailed background on our project. We shared a number of ideas with Chandler and this meeting served as an enjoyable, informative networking experience.

We strongly believe that Summits, Crypto Conferences and Meetups are the ideal platforms for SINOVATE to inform the cryptocurrency and wider community of our unique structure, innovative vision and vast array of current and future use cases. Therefore, SINOVATE will be discussing the full extent of our offering by participating in functions on an on-going basis.

Operation Manager

Tamer Dagli