Earn SIN Coins

Infinity Nodes are Sinovate’s take on Master Nodes, that give you a Return on your Investment or Profit for participating. The fundamental change is that to create an Infinity Node, you have to make an investment in SIN coins that are then burnt. Burning of SIN coins means that the coins are removed from the total supply of SIN coins by sending the SIN coins to an address that nobody has access to. For you to start earning SIN coins via Infinity Nodes, the first step is to decide who should run the Infinity Node.

You can run the node on your own server, you can have the node managed by service providers like https://midas.investments/ or the far easiest method:

use Sinovate’s 1-click setUP from within your wallet.

There are 3 tiers of Infinity Nodes, and each tier requires a different amount of SIN coins as investment that is burnt.

MINI – 100,000 SIN

MID – 500,000 SIN

BIG – 1,000,000 SIN

An Infinity Node is active for 1 year, and during that time it will receive SIN coin rewards from the block rewards. Block rewards are SIN coins that come into existence when a new block is created in the Sinovate blockchain (about every 2 minutes). Some of the rewards go to people mining SIN coins with their graphics cards, some go to the Infinity Node owners. The amount of the block rewards for each tier of Infinity Nodes (mini, mid, big) is the same for each block. This means that if there are more nodes within a tier, then each node will get less SIN as reward; i.e. they share in the block reward pool.Because Infinity Nodes are only active for a year, there are nodes expiring and also new nodes coming online all the time.

This results in the ROI (Return On Investment) being dynamic; i.e. it changes up and down.

https://explorer.sinovate.io shows you real-time information on the ROI for each Infinity Node tier.

So what does a 35% ROI for example mean exactly?

This means that if we talk about a MINI type Infinity Node, there is an investment of 100,000 SIN coins and these coins are burnt.. gone Over 1 year time you will get those 100,000 SIN coins back via block rewards PLUS a return of 35% of that 100,000 coins = 35,000

in total you’ll get back 135,000 SIN coins.

How often do I get the reward paid out?

The reward amount is fixed, and because the total paid out over the 1 year can vary.. the frequency of the payout will vary as well. Here is how to calculate how often a MINI Infinity Node receives a reward:

The reward is fixed at 560 SIN coins for the MINI at an ROI of 35% you’ll get 135,000 coins over 1 year time

or 135,000 / 560 = 241.07 times a reward in a year

or 365 days / 241.07 = every 1.51 day

Can I sell the rewarded coins?

You can sell, stack, invest the rewarded coins right away. The coins are yours and get paid out to your wallet.

If I run an Infinity Node on my own server, what are the requirements?


lists the requirements, but the most important one is a perfect Internet Connection.

the network of Infinity Nodes will check up on your node periodically to determine if it’s running and healthy.

if your node is found not healthy, you will not participate in the block rewards.

This mechanic purges bad nodes from the network, because their owners don’t get their investment or ROI.