Earn SIN coins

SINOVATE blockchain is composed of three sources of incomes based on the implemented block validation consensus or the services provided by the network such as the data storage or fast transactions.

Own Your Infinity Node

The Infinity Node is a technology revealed by SINOVATE for setting the foundation of its blockchain Cloud storage. Their role is to secure the transaction and data transfers in the peer-to-peer network by ensuring Return On Investment (ROI) for participation. Creating an Infinity Node is a fully-decentralized process that can be performed by anyone who owns a private key (a wallet) and a virtual private server (VPS).

Contract Commitment

An Infinity Node is linked to a 12-month contract commitment by performing a Proof-of-Burn (PoB) transaction which consists in sending an amount of SIN coins to an unspendable address. The coins are said “burnt”. The network divides Infinity Nodes into multiple catogories of Infinity Nodes called Tiers which requires to invest different amount of SIN coins.

Tier of Infinity Nodes

There are 3 tiers of Infinity Nodes, and each tier requires a different amount of SIN coins as investment that is burnt.

ROI Model

An Infinity Node receives SIN coin rewards from the block rewards. The amount of block rewards for each tier of Infinity Nodes (MINI, MID, BIG) is the same for each block.
This means that if there are more nodes within a tier, each node will get less SIN as a reward, i.e. they share in the block reward pool. Because Infinity Nodes are only active for a year, nodes are expiring and also new nodes coming online all the time.
This results in the ROI (Return On Investment) being dynamic; i.e. it changes up and down.

Run the Node

Run in a few minutes your Infinity Node with the Sinovate’s 1-click setUP from within your wallet.

Thrid-Party Services

Please find below other services for hosting your Infinity Node.