About SIN

SINOVATE Blockchain Stats

Genesis Block: 26 September 2018

Block Height


Circulating Supply

587,350,569 SIN

Total Addresses

956,233 Addresses

Total Burnt

722,069,781 SIN

Total Transactions

9,835,031 Transactions
About SIN


SINOVATE (SIN) is an open-source state of the art Peer-to-Peer (P2P) digital cryptocurrency dedicated to developing cutting edge blockchain products, services, and solutions.
SINOVATE seeks to implement innovative blockchain technologies into all areas of the modern economy and is continuously researching new applications for private and corporate use.

Some of the innovations include the X25X algorithm, Infinity Nodes, Incorruptible Data Storage (I.D.S.), InfiniteChain, Deterministic(on-chain) Infinity Nodes, Revolving Sovereignty Votes (RSV), and SINOVATE Document Verification (SDV).

The SINOVATE team is committed to transparency and acknowledges that the blockchain industry is still in its infancy. As such, several obstacles must be addressed, and to overcome these, SINOVATE has assembled an experienced and talented team that is ready for the challenge.


Our View

Since its inception in late 2018, the SINOVATE project has strived to deliver innovative solutions in the blockchain space. This involves respecting and sometimes taking on board opinions from the members for the overall benefit of the community. A genuinely democratic decision-making solution ultimately addresses the community as the most critical aspect of the project.
SINOVATE has a different perspective on how blockchain technology can be utilized to improve the lives of private and corporate parties. Highly concentrated community building and management, custom code development, and innovations are some of the things that differ SINOVATE from others. SINOVATE is committed to transparency, accountability, and honesty as they strive to solve existing problems within the blockchain technology space.


Our Mission

Building and improving upon trusted and proven aspects of blockchain, the SINOVATE team is aware of future challenges. Blockchain technology is still considered by many to be in its early stages of development. Economists are familiar with the space forecast that blockchain will revolutionize nearly every modern industry and impact the daily lives of people on a global scale. The implications are far-reaching and extend beyond the traditional use of cryptocurrency as a store of value.

SINOVATE is a technically sound decentralized open-source network that is formed by a combination of pre-existing and innovative blockchain technologies. This combination has been explicitly tailored to overcome the challenges of scalability, security, and ingenuity. SINOVATE is ready to adapt, evolve, and sustain its relevance in a continually changing environment.
Therefore, our mission is to launch SINOVATE innovations in combination with a user-friendly platform to fully integrate into the user’s day to day life. As succinctly put by the slogan; create, build, and innovate.

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SINOVATE name was chosen for several reasons. It represents the core beliefs and plans of the team and community. There is also an eagerness to innovate the current way that other blockchains function.
Providing the solutions necessary to make SINOVATE the next generation platform and currency is being done principally through SINOVATE’s features. What follows are explanations of how they work and what they bring to the table.

X25X Algorithm

Leading-edge, in-house built, ASIC, FPGA, and Quantum Resistant X25X GPU mining algorithm.
More complex, less power-hungry.


Proof-of-Burn(POB) mechanism, provides blockchain network validity by ensuring that all participating nodes reach consensus and by forcing bad actors to think twice before attempting to carry out malicious activities. SIN coins must be sent to a non-spendable address to initiate the burn process

Burn Away Your SINs

Every started new Infinity Node must permanently burn the required collateral to maintain a low circulating supply, a consistent coin demand, and a stable coin value.

Infinity Nodes

Designed specifically to address the economic problems all Masternode projects face. Infinity Nodes help to limit the inflation rate and available coin supply.

Minimum Guaranteed up to 22% Annual ROI

Infinity Node holders earn a minimum
guaranteed up to 22% annual ROI.

Tiered Node Offering

1M SIN – Big SIN min 22%
500K SIN – Mid SIN min 17%
100K SIN – Little SIN min 12%


Products and Services

Incorruptible Data Storage

The SIN blockchain facilitates an unlimited amount of decentralized data transfer and storage via the use of I.D.S.
I.D.S., or in other words, Decentralized Cloud 3.0 manages Big Data solutions and privacy without the need for a third-party.


Permits 533 transactions per second (TPS) in less than 2 seconds, which is approximately 75 times more scalable than Bitcoin.

Revolving Sovereignty Votes – Decentralized Voting

Infinity Node holders can participate in decentralized voting using the built-in revolving E-Governance system.



SINOVATE’s X25X algorithm is GPU mineable and ensures ASIC, FPGA, and QUANTUM resistance, solidifying the decentralized consensus mechanism in the process.

Block Time

2 Minutes
(FlashSend 2 sec)

Max Transactions
Per Second

533 tx/s

Total Supply

Around 2.5 billion SIN after 20 years

Max Block Size

16 MB


SINOVATE Financial Status

10% Development Fee From Every Block