The BETELGEUSE release has successfully passed the testnet phase. Still, it requires additional development to fix some compatibility issues between our custom codebase and the Bitcoin core. In August, CONSTELLATION will bring the first technological development of InfiniteChain, the Layer-2 technology of SINOVATE, with sidechains. The recent resolution by the SINOVATE decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) is to combine BETELGEUSE with CONSTELLATION to reduce upgrade workloads and avoid repetitive updates for users and exchanges.


We are very close to our massive release, which is a combination of Betelgeuse and Constellation mainnet upgrades.

  • The combined mainnet upgrade will consist of a new custom fourth-generation proof-of-stake algorithm, aka PoS4.
  • InfiniteChain will have asset creation, tokenization, and a new partner, Alterra Worldwide American real estate company.
  • The new Bitcoin core codebase, 0.21.99, contains vast improvements in security, speed, and accessibility.
  • InfinityNode 1-Click node setUP will be included in our mobile wallet app with the never-before-seen status features.
  • Constellation release is the end of service nodes and consensus infrastructures. Time for our dCloud use case releases!

Thank you for your patience and tremendous support!


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We have been, as always, busy developing.

The upcoming Betelgeuse mainnet upgrade and the addition of proof-of-stake for hybrid consensus keep our development team occupied.


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June 2021 Monthly Report Medium

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