Welcome to SINOVATE monthly stats of July 2021!
The purpose of these periodic metrics reports is to track the progression state of the SINOVATE network and ecosystem. This initiative is prompted by repeated requests from the community regarding detailed statistics and explanations on different network states.
For more details, I suggest you read the monthly network stats of June 2021, which introduced these monthly reports; the June report includes statistics on Sinovate blockchain since its genesis and the enlightening influence of PoB since the introduction Infinity Nodes.
1 Monthly network stats out of 3 will contain metrics charts since the genesis block; we think it is more relevant to follow and refer to it quarterly.
So now, let us go for the past month’s data!

1/ Analysis on Circulating Supply: Inflation and PoB influence:

Last month, the balance of the emissions/deletions by burning of SIN coins per day was:

2/ Infinity Nodes stats :

Last month, the number of active Infinity nodes increased by 35 units; 119 nodes expired, and 154 units were renewed, representing 129% of replacement.
The tiers dominance are now:

The network is composed of 1209 MINI, 372 MID, and 394 BIG; and current yearly ROI estimates are :

Last month , a total of 31 MINI, 36 MID, and 87 BIG were created/renewed:

Here are expiring Infinity nodes for the next two months with associated tier predictions on how ROI % could surge per tier by extrapolating at the current average renewing rate:

3/ Overall network stats:

Metrics on circulating supply and node renewing behavior tell us that this month deeply started the renewal of node population.
We can see a substantial regulatory effect from PoB on emitted SIN coins per block because over this month, nearly 44M coins were burnt into nodes with short periods of almost 20M burned rate. When we look at the day-to-day coin balance, we can see that the network is deflationary, with an average of 1926 coins deleted from supply per block.

Node renewing networks hit the BIG tier with +87 nodes created, and this is why the influence on supply reduction is as strong. The renewal ratio of the entire node population is +129% which means that for one expired node over the last month period, 1.29 were created. Network decentralization is excellent, with almost 1950 actives nodes.

If we look at the prediction of expiration, MID & BIG tiers will continue to expire at a reasonable rate for the next two months.
It is an excellent time to acquire nodes among these two concerned tiers because even at the actual high renewing rate, ROI(%) is about to surge!

To conclude, if IDS (Incorruptible data storage ) would be live and assuming a storage capacity of 500 GB HDD per VPS on each Infinity Node, the resulting gross storage capacity would be about 928 Tb available before data replication.

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Author: RE BNN