The SINOVATE (SIN) Team experienced an exciting and action-packed February. This article forms part of an on-going monthly series, where key activities and milestones achieved will be discussed.


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SINOVATE releases Incorruptible Data Storage explainer video

SINOVATE has released its fourth short explainer video, which describes the extensive benefits that our decentralized cloud storage solution, Incorruptible Data Storage (I.D.S.) will provide. Click hereto find out how I.D.S. will permit businesses all over the world to store, send and receive data of all sizes in an exceptionally safe and secure manner. Stay tuned for new videos covering all aspects, features, and services that we provide via our YouTube channel and official website.

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SINOVATE & MANGANOROBOT Strategic Partnership

SINOVATE is delighted to announce that it has partnered with Manganorobotwho will be the first enterprise to adopt our decentralized cloud storage (I.D.S., aka Incorruptible Data Storage) and document authentication (S.D.V., aka SINOVATE Document Verification) solutions for real-world usage.Based in Turin, Italy, Manganorobot has successfully disrupted the industrial automation market since 1999. Technical support is provided to customers across the globe through bespoke, specialist services within the following areas:

  • Support for Programming of Industrial Robots.
  • Technical support and strategic development of online and offline software PLC.
  • Technical professional training.
  • Technical advice, feasibility studies, process management, organization of automated systems and TurnKey solutions.

Manganorobot works closely alongside a multitude of world-class, high-performance car manufacturers, including Ferrari, Audi, and Jaguar. Further details explaining how I.D.S. and S.D.V. will be utilized by Manganorobot, why their business operations will be enhanced, and what this partnership means for SINOVATE are available within this report.

Here, we discuss how Manganorobot will utilize I.D.S. and S.D.V., why their business operations will be enhanced, and what this partnership means for SINOVATE. Stay tuned for details on new collaborations as and when they happen. The best is yet to come. Many thanks to our community for the brilliant support.

Talented Developers wanted by SINOVATE

SINOVATE is on the lookout for new, talented developers, to help us push forward with our immediate roadmap objectives and long term plans. C++ Core Development experience is a mandatory requirement for this role. Join our fantastic existing team, and help us to shape the future of the cryptocurrency sphere. Contact us via our Discord or Telegram channels for further details.

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MID SIN Node rewards reimbursed. BIG SIN payments underway

All missing MID SIN Node rewards, from the recent excessive infinity nodes and reward generation issues have been reimbursed. The first of six missing BIG SIN rewards have also been paid. Further details can be found below:

Missing MID SIN rewards 1

Missing MID SIN rewards 2

Missing MID SIN rewards 3

Missing BIG SIN rewards 1

Please note that all node owners who did not update their wallets prior to the network upgrade have not been paid. Details of all MID SIN Nodes can be found here. Click herefor all BIG SIN NodesMany thanks for your fantastic support.

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SINOVATE on Forbes. BloombergHT Live TV appearance made

The impact of our article on Forbes has been considerable, with the phenomenal news that Operating Officer, Community Leader, and Investor Tamer Dagli was interviewed live on the Turkish Economy TV Channel BloombergHT. Tamer discussed all things blockchain, and of course SINOVATE. Our interview can be viewed hereand has also been translated into English.

Forbes has provided exceptional exposure to SIN. Click here for further details, as well as our on-going plans to reach new audiences, investors, and adopters throughout the world.

SINOVATE achieves Top 3 Best Performing Masternodes ranking

SINOVATE is delighted to have achieved a top 3 Best Performing Masternodes status, during the Week 7 review on Masternode Buzz. MINI SIN Node gains were up by 18.93% from the previous week, marking a substantial return on investment. During unpredictable market conditions, we continue to excel and out-perform many competitors. SIN related news, articles and interviews will be published on the Masternode Buzz website continuously.

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SINOVATE becomes sponsor at Blockchain Economy Istanbul Summit

SINOVATE is delighted to have sponsored the Blockchain Economy Istanbul Summit. The summit, which took place from 20.02.2020–21.02.2020, enabled us to discuss all SINOVATE use cases, current plans and what the future holds. Our friends at Manganorobot also flew the SIN flag in Istanbul. Further details regarding our achievements at the Blockchain Istanbul Summit have been provided in this report.

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SINOVATE attends Blockchain Economy Istanbul Summit

SINOVATE attended the Blockchain Economy Istanbul Summiton 20.02.2020–21.02.2020 as part of our on-going marketing efforts. The summitproved to be exceedingly positive for SINOVATE. Find out all that was achieved, as well as the impact on our project moving forward here.

Updated SINOVATE Explorer released

The updated SINOVATE Explorerhas now been releasedThisincludes custom statistics for individual infinity nodes such as expiration dates, network income, daily SIN transaction values, and transactions per day. Stay tuned to our Discord and Telegram channels for development updates as and when they happen.


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SINOVATE on Forbes as Blockchain Startup to Watch in 2020

SINOVATE is delighted to be mentioned on Forbes, as a project not to be missed in the year that lies ahead. The likes of, THORchain, Perlin, and Digital Asset & Commodity Exchange are also discussed. Forbes is a significant news source offering fantastic exposure to SIN on a global scale. We are already benefiting from the increased exposure gained from this article. Further details have been provided within this report.

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Masternode Buzz publishes Manganorobot partnership article

Masternode Buzz has published this article, which provides insight into our recent strategic partnership with Manganobot. SIN related news, articles and interviews will be published on the Masternode Buzz website continuously.

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SINOVATE becomes Premium Buzz Backer

SINOVATE is delighted to announce that it has officially become a Premium Buzz Backer, offering us even greater exposure on the popular Masternode Buzz website. This will be permitted via bigger logos on every page, as well as a Monthly Premium Backers Article. Masternode Buzz is the go-to platform for many cryptocurrency investors and will play a key role in our global promotional campaign.

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SINOVATE Blockchain Evolution article published

Check out this article by FairMoney, which provides a fantastic insight into how our project seeks to transform the cryptocurrency sphere.

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SINOVATE Decentralized Cloud Platform article published

Learn about how SINOVATE seeks to solve data storage issues synonymous with centralized databases through our custom-created I.D.S. (Indistructuble Data Storage) solution. This article also describes the power of infinity nodes, as well as the many benefits provided by our Proof-of-Burn reward algorithm. Great job CRYPTO SHIB!


We continue to experience high growth across all social media and communication channels:

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  • Icons updated — hardwarewise.
  • Minor visual fixes — hardwarewise.
  • Updated default.css — hardwarewise.
  • SIN-FAN-ART — 95 commit — Cryplander.
  • Reverted windows installer removal — MIPPL.
  • Fixed — MIPPL.
  • Created — cyberd3vil.
  • Created index — cyberd3vil.
  • Added files via upload — cyberd3vil.
  • Updated — cyberd3vil.
  • Created — cyberd3vil.
  • Updated — hardwarewise.
  • Theme Changed: Part 5 — hardwarewise.
  • Updated — hardwarewise.
  • Added infinity node RPC — crptec.
  • Updated package and added cache folder — crptec.
  • Updated coincontroldialog.ui — hardwarewise.
  • Fixed lastpaid update — crptec.
  • RPC burnfund: Funds go back to node owner address — crptec.
  • Added pool info in cache folder — crptec.
  • Separated calcul stats, updated pool — crptec.
  • Added tx stats in coinstats — crptec.
  • Node expiry issues resolved — crptec.
  • Updated infinitynode RPC — crptec.
  • Added Current USD price and Total USD — hardwarewise.
  • Merged remote-tracking branch ‘upstream/master’ — hardwarewise.
  • Scanned metadata and updated Inf — crptec.
  • Inserted node stats from infinity list — crptec.
  • Default value of protocol column width adjusted — hardwarewise.
  • Added current BTC price — hardwarewise.
  • a24820a Node stats from infinity list – crptec.
  • 361c5bb Default value of the Protocol column width … – hardwarewise.
  • bdbb487 Added current BTC price – hardwarewise.
  • 577b0db Updated world map – crptec.
  • 57853cf Added crex24 market – crptec.
  • 9a08433 Created – cyberd3vil.
  • c5407ea Updated link – cyberd3vil.
  • f4a2f9b Checked from block 1 – crptec.
  • 7e43742 Do not show show dummy pool – crptec.
  • 4a9b6f4 Used summary icon – crptec.
  • dc03291 Changed color in market graph OHLC for crex24 – crptec.
  • c1722c3 Refreshed in 10 minutes – refresh memory – crptec.
  • f4a2f9b Checked from block 1 – crptec.
  • 7e43742 Do not show dummy pool – crptec.
  • 4a9b6f4 ||Use summary icon – crptec.
  • dc03291 Changed color in market graph OHLC for crex24 – crptec.
  • c1722c3 Refreshed in 10 minutes – refresh memory – crptec.
  • 975ec28 [secp256k1] Added MuSig module – giaki3003.
  • 686baa4 [secp256k1] Added MuSig example – giaki3003.
  • a833508 [secp256k1] Added MuSig includes, add initial bat… – giaki3003.
  • 0cf690a [secp256k1] Added native scratchpad support + hel… – giaki3003.
  • c1337e1 [secp256k1] New inline secp256k1_scalar_chacha20() – giaki3003.
  • 65754cc Added income model – crptec.
  • 85c4ed0 Added crex24 market – crptec.
  • f40107c Updated IP of inf node – crptec.
  • ce92ff0 Updated country from IP – crptec.
  • fd392dc Fixed warning message – crptec.
  • bd78ce4 Changed path – crptec.
  • 99575c1 Wealth distribution – crptec.
  • f122539 Burn fee – crptec.
  • 27d5ebd Total burn from all addresses – crptec.
  • 4f41f15 Infinitynodepeer and notification for backupadd… – crptec.
  • c5c1d8f Files reorg – cyberd3vil.
  • 19e0ec6 Files reorg – cyberd3vil.
  • 632ec7f Created .gitbook.yaml – cyberd3vil.
  • 7535427 Merged pull request #140 from cyberd3vil/master – Cryplander.
  • New version of explorer.
  • abbab6b Updated – cyberd3vil.
  • 75d3351 Created – cyberd3vil.
  • 6d392b2 GitBook: [master] 8 pages and 26 assets modified – SINOVATE.
  • 29e83b2 Created index – cyberd3vil.
  • 1789cbf Added files via upload – cyberd3vil.
  • e3fbd2a Created win_wallet_reindex – cyberd3vil.
  • 659acf4 Renamed win_wallet_reindex to – cyberd3vil.
  • fd1660b Renamed docs/ to docs/wallet/ – cyberd3vil.
  • a70a371 Theme changed – hardwarewise.
  • 2f67236 ROI statistics deleted – hardwarewise.
  • aed5783 Changed 46/5000 Application icon and web links – hardwarewise.
  • 1760d03 Reverted ” 46/5000 Application icon and web links – hardwarewise
  • b5859f9 Changed application icon and web links – hardwarewise.
  • 1997eab Version information added to Windows title – hardwarewise.
  • 20ee1d5 Docs updated – cyberd3vil.
  • da1b53f Updated – cyberd3vil
  • bbb8157 Update index.html – cyberd3vil.
  • c7b13b6 Update guiutil.cpp – cyberd3vil
  • 57fafef Added stex exchange – crptec.
  • 27a5db9 Getmoneysupply API – crptec.
  • a754230 Added local file – crptec.
  • c9beb46 Improved sentence – cyberd3vil.
  • cb687d8 Added Current USD price and Total USD – hardwarewise.
  • 2f2adbe Merged remote-tracking branch ‘upstream/master’ – hardwarewise.
  • 3f4271f Class CInfinitynodePeer and LockRewardRequest – crptec.
  • 1b55c73 Expired 7 days in testnet – crptec.
  • ce9e3de Removed limit node call – crptec.
  • Check out a sneak preview of our slick, new and improved website:
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In progress:

  • Optimization of next hard fork — giaki3003.
  • Infinity Node communication — crptec (xtdev).
  • New UI QT Wallet — hardwarewise.
  • Schnorr signature.
  • New SINOVATE Website.
  • SIN Webtool.
  • SINOPEDIA Whitepaper.
  • Preparation for double run: infinitynode and masternode in same network.
  • Schnorr Musig for lockreward.
  • Preparation for test Infinitynode v1.0.

Check out a sneak preview of our new Core Wallet, a vast improvement in design and user-friendliness on all previous versions:

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The latest Financial Statement is available to view:

February 2020 Financial Statement Medium


Weekly updates for February 2020 can be found below:

SINOVATE Weekly Update 03/02/2020 ~ 10/02/2020

SINOVATE Weekly Update 10/02/2020 ~ 17/02/2020

SINOVATE Weekly Update 17/02/2020 ~ 24/02/2020

SINOVATE Weekly Update 24/02/2020 ~ 02/03/2020

Join us and stay tuned for all forthcoming updates via our website and social media platforms:

WebsiteDiscord . Telegram . Bitcointalk . Twitter . Facebook .Linkedin. Team.YouTube.Reddit.Instagram.

Author:Amit Kaushal