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SINOVATE Interview on BloombergHT with English subtitles

Our recent interview on BloombergHTis now available in English. Operating Officer, Community Leader, and Investor Tamer Daglidiscussed all things blockchain, and of course SINOVATE. Watch the translated version here.

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SINOVATE attends Blockchain Economy Istanbul Summit

SINOVATE attended the Blockchain Economy Istanbul Summiton 20.02.2020–21.02.2020 as part of our on-going marketing efforts. The summitproved to be exceedingly positive for SINOVATE. Find out all that was achieved, as well as the impact on our project moving forward here.

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Second missing BIG SIN Node rewards reimbursed

As of 02.03.2020, the second of six missing BIG SIN Node rewards, from the excessive infinity nodes and reward generation issues have been reimbursed. Clickhere for further details. Remaining BIG SIN payments will be made between 09.03.2020–30.03.20. Please note that all node owners who did not update their wallets prior to the network upgrade have not been paid. Details of all BIG SIN Nodes can be found here. Many thanks for your fantastic support.


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SINOVATE Decentralized Cloud Platform article published

Learn about how SINOVATE seeks to solve data storage issues synonymous with centralized databases through our custom-created I.D.S. (Indistructuble Data Storage) solution. This article also describes the power of infinity nodes, as well as the many benefits provided by our Proof-of-Burn reward algorithm. Great job CRYPTO SHIB!

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SINOVATE Proof-of-Burn article published

Check out this brilliant article by Jonathan Lees,which provides an in-depth analysis of our Proof-of-Burn mechanism and how the SINOVATE blockchain benefits from its integration.


We continue to experience high growth across all social media and communication channels:

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632ec7f Created .gitbook.yaml – cyberd3vil.

7535427 Merged pull request #140 from cyberd3vil/master – Cryplander.

New version of explorer.

abbab6b Updated – cyberd3vil.

75d3351 Created – cyberd3vil.

6d392b2 GitBook: [master] 8 pages and 26 assets modified – SINOVATE.

29e83b2 Created index – cyberd3vil.

1789cbf Added files via upload – cyberd3vil.

e3fbd2a Created win_wallet_reindex – cyberd3vil.

659acf4 Renamed win_wallet_reindex to – cyberd3vil.

fd1660b Renamed docs/ to docs/wallet/ – cyberd3vil.

a70a371 Theme changed – hardwarewise.

2f67236 ROI statistics deleted – hardwarewise.

aed5783 Changed 46/5000 Application icon and web links – hardwarewise.

1760d03 Reverted ” 46/5000 Application icon and web links – hardwarewise

b5859f9 Changed application icon and web links – hardwarewise.

1997eab Version information added to Windows title – hardwarewise.

20ee1d5 Docs updated – cyberd3vil.

da1b53f Updated – cyberd3vil

bbb8157 Update index.html – cyberd3vil.

c7b13b6 Update guiutil.cpp – cyberd3vil

57fafef Added stex exchange – crptec.

27a5db9 Getmoneysupply API – crptec.

a754230 Added local file – crptec.

c9beb46 Improved sentence – cyberd3vil.

cb687d8 Added Current USD price and Total USD – hardwarewise.

2f2adbe Merged remote-tracking branch ‘upstream/master’ – hardwarewise.

3f4271f Class CInfinitynodePeer and LockRewardRequest – crptec.

1b55c73 Expired 7 days in testnet – crptec.

ce9e3de Removed limit node call – crptec.

In progress:

  • Preparation for double run: infinitynode and masternode in same network.
  • Schnorr Musig for lockreward.
  • Preparation for test Infinitynode v1.0.

Monthly Update

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Our latest Monthly Report can be accessed on Medium:

January 2020 Monthly Report Medium


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The latest Financial Statement is also available to view:

February 2020 Financial Statement Medium

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Author:Amit Kaushal