Introducing SINOVATE 1-Click setUP: Node creation made easy

The recent AURORA mainnet upgrade came equipped with a multitude of new enhancements including the first of its kind, in-wallet One-Click setUP feature, making infinity node creation as easy as possible. This article explains how SINOVATE setUP works, the benefits provided, and how it enables true decentralization for all.

What is SINOVATE One-Click setUP?

SINOVATE One-Click setUP is a cold hosting service, designed from the ground up by the SINOVATE development team. This was created with inexperienced users in mind, who may never have set up a masternode or used the Linux operating system before. At only $2.99 per month (annual plan cost with SIN only payment), our seamless and user-friendly VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting service provides cost-effective advantages over existing providers instantly, with 100% node uptime guaranteed.

Is it really as easy as it sounds?

It really is simple. In just a few short clicks, would-be network participants can begin to earn significant passive income for up to a year. For community members who have previously set up an infinity node, SINOVATE setUP provides the perfect opportunity to re-assess your VPS needs at a fraction of the cost. Please follow this guide to set up a Deterministic Infinity Node using SINOVATE One-Click setUP. Click here for the explainer video, which guides you every step of the way.

That’s great, but what if a server goes down? Will my node remain safe?

There is no central point of failure. The SINOVATE setUP service uses 9 datacentres located across the globe, including Germany, France, The United Kingdom, Finland, and Turkey, hosting over 1,400 infinity nodes thus far. This means that in the unlikely event that a single server experiences issues the hosting of nodes will not be affected, permitting substantial decentralization of the SINOVATE network at all times:

All infinity node locations can be viewed on our explorer.

Hosting an infinity node on SINOVATE setUP is entirely decentralized. Only maintenance, which is carried out by the SINOVATE development team is centralized. Node owners have complete control of their private keys, ensuring total security, responsibility, and ownership are always maintained. Your infinity node and all associated rewards are in safe hands: yours!

The your keys, your coins mantra very much applies here.

For SINOVATE, decentralization is and shall forever be the name of the game. We will continue to be completely transparent in all that we do for generations to come. Create an infinity node via SINOVATE One-Click setUP today.

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Author: Amit Kaushal