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SINOVATE HODL Coin Offering Marketing Campaign goes live

The SINOVATE HODL Coin Offering (HCO) is now live. The HCO incentive program swiftly commenced after the implementation of the network upgrade on 21st November 2020 and will remain active for 75-days. This marketing campaign was created with inexperienced users in mind and enables SIN coins to be earned without setting up an Infinity Node and purchasing a Virtual Private Server (VPS).

HCO lowers entry points for everyone, further establishing our reputation as a fair-for-all autonomous decentralized organization. Learn more about HCO, including the campaign rules here. Also, check out this fantastic explainer video to find out more.

Introducing SINOVATE 1-Click setUP: Node creation made easy


The recent AURORA mainnet upgrade came equipped with a multitude of new enhancements including the first of its kind, in-wallet One-Click setUP feature, making infinity node creation as easy as possible. This article explains how SINOVATE setUP works, the benefits provided, and how it enables true decentralization for all.

We have also released an explainer video, which guides you every step of the way. For SINOVATE, Decentralization is and shall forever be the name of the game. We will continue to be completely transparent in all that we do for generations to come. Create an infinity node via SINOVATE One-Click setUP today.


We continue to experience high growth across all social media and communication channels: STATS



a8799f1 The setUP info message has been changed. – hardwarewise

d0d03b5 Update – 008

20cacd1 call sin-cli instance of API – crptec

e1dfd47 call exec function – crptec

acdd68c change MINI reward – crptec

fb7e01a Stex exchange date format – crptec

e341952 apply reorg limit sync for explorer – crptec

ef63e93 Update masternodelist.cpp – 008

65794d0 Codebase History – SametBasturkk

41fa5c4 Coin Specs Update – SametBasturkk

64b79ca add HCO ext call – crptec

e259dc8 HCO stats – crptec

362a8bc fix https call – crptec

1e60edf change dashboard UI – crptec

917f81d fix view – crptec

6504a2b add interest in dashboard – crptec

a8099d1 change text HCO – crptec

88418f3 [sin] add Sinovate 2 tx standard – crptec

5be353e Update dashboard.jade – hardwarewise

72485f2 Update dashboard.jade – hardwarewise

17ad697 [sin] use btcutil in SIN github – crptec

755ace6 [sin] add Burn_And_Data as Unspendable – crptec

6ae614b Edit Button – SametBasturkk

3581efc Updated – SametBasturkk

9cff27a Wallet version control added. – hardwarewise

5dde681 Revert “Wallet version control added.” – hardwarewise

28fc063 The Bootstrap download link has been added unde… – hardwarewise

43c56a6 [sin] convert burn_and_data tx to p2pkh for index – crptec

4680020 [sin] use btcutil in SIN github – crptec

b363fca [sin] add Type and Hex in uxto – crptec

c7979de [sin] do not index vout which has balance is zero – crptec

9331067 [sin] support sin tx standard burn_and_data – crptec

fd25184 Header Optimization – SametBasturkk

9fcf7f8 [sin] add lockreward – crptec

2e1788c update – SametBasturkk

d410507 Update bootstrap.min.css – SametBasturkk

be35cd3 hco page – SametBasturkk

dda0810 inline css fix – SametBasturkk

d5537d3 [nodeSetup] add logprints to updatemeta for sup… – MIPPL

4158537 Merge branch ‘master’ of… – MIPPL

308b5ba [nodeSetup] add burnTx and node tier to DIN list – MIPPL

12a8d09 [nodeSetup] add check all nodes status menu opt… – MIPPL

f8108ce Merge pull request #353 from MIPPL/master – hardwarewise

7b245b5 Color Update – SametBasturkk

In progress:

  • IDS — Step 1
  • Incorruptible Data Storage.
  • bFTP

• SINCORD Messenger (Decentralized Direct Messaging).
• Blockchain-based Electronic Mail.

Blockchain Stats

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