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SINOVATE & Manganorobot Partnership for real-world usage

SINOVATE recently announced that Manganorobotwill bethe first enterprise to adopt our decentralized cloud storage (I.D.S., aka Incorruptible Data Storage) and document authentication (S.D.V., aka SINOVATE Document Verification) solutions for real-world usage. Here, we discuss how Manganorobot will utilize I.D.S. and S.D.V., why their business operations will be enhanced, and what this partnership means for SINOVATE. Stay tuned for details on new collaborations as and when they happen. The best is yet to come. Many thanks to our community for the fantastic support.

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SINOVATE on Forbes. BloombergHT Live TV appearance made

SINOVATE is delighted to be mentioned on Forbes, as a project not to be missed in the year that lies ahead. Vector Moranov, the author of the article, mentions SIN alongside the likes of, THORchain, Perlin, and Digital Asset & Commodity Exchange.

The impact of our article on Forbes has been considerable, with the phenomenal news that Operating Officer, Community Leader, and Investor Tamer Dagli was interviewed live on the Turkish Economy TV Channel BloombergHT. Tamer discussed all things blockchain, and of course SINOVATE. Our interview can be viewed hereand will be translated into English shortly.

Forbes is a significant news source offering exceptional exposure to SIN. Click here for further details, as well as our on-going plans to reach new audiences, investors, and adopters throughout the world.

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Final missing MID SIN Node rewards reimbursed

As of 18.02.2020, the final missing MID SIN Node rewards, from the recent excessive infinity nodes and reward generation issues have been reimbursed. Clickhere for further details. BIG SIN payments will be made between 24.02.2020-30.03.20. Please note that all node owners who did not update their wallets prior to the network upgrade have not been paid. Details of all MID SIN Nodes can be found here. We apologize for the slight delay in making this reimbursement. Many thanks for your fantastic support.

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SINOVATE to attend Blockchain Economy Istanbul Summit

SINOVATE will be attending the Blockchain Economy Istanbul Summiton 20.02.2020–21.02.2020. Operating Officer, Community Leader, and Investor Tamer Dagli, alongside Advisor & Investor Barış Ertül will be discussing all SINOVATE use cases, current plans and what the future holds. Our friends at Manganorobot will also be flying the SIN flag in Istanbul. Furthermore, our fancy new Paper Wallet will be showcased at the summit:

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SINOVATE Paper Wallet

Attending blockchain events forms part of our on-going marketing efforts. Further details regarding the Economy Istanbul Summit will be released shortly.


We continue to experience high growth across all social media and communication channels:

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a24820a Node stats from infinity list – crptec.

361c5bb Default value of the Protocol column width … – hardwarewise.

bdbb487 Added current BTC price – hardwarewise.

577b0db Updated world map – crptec.

57853cf Added crex24 market – crptec.

9a08433 Created – cyberd3vil.

c5407ea Updated link – cyberd3vil.

f4a2f9b Checked from block 1 – crptec.

7e43742 Do not show show dummy pool – crptec.

4a9b6f4 Used summary icon – crptec.

dc03291 Changed color in market graph OHLC for crex24 – crptec.

c1722c3 Refreshed in 10 minutes – refresh memory – crptec.

Check out a sneak preview of our slick, new and improved website:

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SINOVATE upcoming New Webpage

In progress:

  • Infinitynode 1.0 pure code.
  • New explorer.
  • New website and branding.
  • Lock reward.
  • Test schnorr signature.
  • Remove 10k collateral.
  • Use new algo reward.
  • .setUP. SIN decentralized, no KYC, web-based VPS hosting.
  • QT SIN Core Wallet new UI.

Check out a sneak preview of our new Core Wallet, a vast improvement in design and user-friendliness on all previous versions:

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SINOVATE upcoming QT wallet


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Masternode Buzz publishes Manganorobot partnership article

Masternode Buzz has published this article, which provides insight into our recent strategic partnership with Manganobot. SIN related news, articles and interviews will be published on the Masternode Buzz website continuously.

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SINOVATE becomes Premium Buzz Backer

SINOVATE is delighted to announce that it has officially become a Premium Buzz Backer, offering us even greater exposure on the popular Masternode Buzz website. This will be permitted via bigger logos on every page, as well as a Monthly Premium Backers Article. Masternode Buzz is the go-to platform for many cryptocurrency investors and will play a key role in our global promotional campaign.

Monthly Update

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Our latest Monthly Report can be accessed on Medium:

January 2020 Monthly Report Medium


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The latest Financial Statement is also available to view:

January 2020 Financial Statement Medium

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Author:Amit Kaushal