Welcome to our monthly stats of June 2021!

The purpose of these periodic metrics reports is to track the progression state of the SINOVATE network and ecosystem. This initiative is prompted by repeated requests from the community regarding detailed statistics and explanations on different network states.

Tracking data from the network and correlate parameters with charts is the occasion to verify our economics model and how we plan to develop through the ecosystem.

Evocated metrics are supply, direct inflation/deflation, node numbers and related indicators we consider to be interesting.

As you may know, SINOVATE infrastructure relies on several mechanisms and entities to ensure its strength, security and reliability, the most important of these being the Infinity Nodes.

The Infinity Nodes take an essential part of SINOVATE tokenomics due to the operated burning processes involved and the fact that they are both the means and the way of the hosting infrastructure. They are a direct image of hosting data demand. Their attractiveness ensures decentralization through a guaranteed number of active units within the network that ensure minimal specs. Infinity nodes also provide the offer as a product of services in investors’ hands. They have a lifespan of 12 months; the network goes through different states ruled by the waves of expiration, but several parameters can be used to identify it.

Thus, monthly network reports meant analyzing the overall network state, describing dynamics among it (expanding, maintaining/renewing) and explaining the future phases.

So let’s start!

1/ Analysis on Circulating Supply: Inflation and PoB influence.

It is necessary to expose the global Inflation since the project’s genesis block to situate the context. As we can see below, the inflation rate has been regulated since the introduction of infinity nodes.

The average Inflation rate since genesis is now 30.5 %, which means that on average, for every emitted SIN coin since block 1, only a portion of 0.295 SIN have gone to supply. Therefore, this Inflation now tends to stabilize.
Since the introduction of Infinity Nodes, supply has increased from is only 9,25%.
Last month the circulating supply increased by 42M SIN; the actual supply is around 783M SIN.
We can explain that low global Inflation watching the day to day coin balance per block since genesis. From then on, it is clear that the PoB has a robust regulatory action on the number of shares issued daily.

Let’s now analyze data on the last month period :


Last month, the balance of the emissions/deletions by burning of SIN coins per day was:

2/ Infinity Nodes stats.

Last month, the number of active Infinity nodes decreased by 126 units; 52 units were renewed, representing 41% of replacement.
The tiers dominance are:

The network is composed of 1221 MINI, 357 MID, and 363 BIG; current yearly ROI estimates are:

Last month, a total of 35 MINI, 3 MID and 14 BIG were created/renewed :

Here are expiring Infinity nodes for the next two months with associated tier predictions on how ROI % could surge per tier by extrapolating at the current average renewing rate:

3/ Overall network state:

We have seen that supply is increasing at a far superior rate to the average one since genesis. As a result, the renewing node rate is poor, and ROIs on Infinity nodes are growing based on the actual renewing rate.

This mainly means research from investors to expand the Infinity Node owners for the good of decentralization. So the supply could be above 800 million of SIN coins temporarily, but we should see a decrease soon.

It is an excellent time to acquire nodes, especially for the BIG & MID tiers, expected to surge in the next two months and thus could have 40%+ ROI at the end of that period.

If IDS (Incorruptible data storage ) would be alive and assuming a storage capacity of 500 Gb Hdd per VPS on each Infinity Node, the resulting gross storage capacity would be about 910 Tb of available storage, not counting data replication.

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