As you all know, we combine two hardforks into one; we have extensive development and bug fixes going on in the background.

Constellation is the name of our massive mainnet network upgrade, and we are slowly but steadily preparing for our deadline.

Constellation mainnet upgrade combines the hybrid consensus of PoW and PoS blended for unbreakable security and involves our sidechain, aka InfiniteChain. This makes it easier for community and exchanges to update once rather than having two updates close together. If you have any questions please just let us know in chat.

Stay tuned to our social media and communication channels for updates as and when they happen.



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10a3db8 [sin]add broken blocks – crptec

f4c20d2 [nodeSetup] re-arrange the flow to avoid accide… – MIPPL

f4c20d2 [nodeSetup] re-arrange the flow to avoid accide… – MIPPL

cac5648 [nodeSetup] fixed bugs on wallet utxo and tx db… – MIPPL

94c1890 [nodeSetup] list unused burntx, test unused bur… – MIPPL

6ed042a [openssl] build Qt5.12.11 with openssl 1.1.1 – crptec

7af0ea6 [nodeSetup] implement wallet migration screen a… – MIPPL

f350bc2 [nodeSetup] implement wallet migration – MIPPL

c2571b9 [nodeSetup] finished migration screen – MIPPL

440b858 [Qt5] change to last version openssl 1.1.1k and… – crptec

aa7a85a [sin] flush infinitynode state after connect block – crptec

efde30b [sin]change testnet param – crptec

43d4855 [test] [gui] [Cryplander} remove the staking fo… – MIPPL

2bf9c57 [test] [gui] [Maxim] switching theme, results i… – MIPPL

123c1d4 [test] [gui] [BEET] change stats API endpoint. – MIPPL

c481f88 [nodeSetup] identify burn/meta tx in tx list – MIPPL

f00734b [test] [gui] fix light theme in several screens – MIPPL

94af2bf [test] [setUP] improve setup UI and flow (build… – MIPPL

b9c6a24 [nodeSetup] burn and meta preparation (wip) – MIPPL

6fcafd6 Merge bitcoin/bitcoin#22186: build, qt: Fix com… – giaki3003

d7b3358 [depends] Upgrade to latest blake2s source – giaki3003

466f56a [sin] Fix x22i/x25x validation for node internals – giaki3003

71e86d9 [misc] Fix .gitignore – giaki3003

4caebc6 [depends] Remove old OpenSSL 1.0 patch – giaki3003

6d064b5 [depends] Add windres to OpenSSL build – giaki3003

3753877 [nodeSetup] implement sendBurnTransaction (wip) – MIPPL

aa33b7c [nodeSetup] check prepareTx – MIPPL

004ad9d [nodeSetup] test prepare loop (wip), need to re… – MIPPL

773cf8e [nodeSetup] support for multi-address account data – MIPPL

235f538 [nodeSetup] implement basic HD wallet – MIPPL

3866d90 [nodeSetup] check balance – MIPPL

25c118a [nodeSetup] getOwnerAddress, prepare and burn t… – MIPPL

c497720 add doc files – hardwarewise

bb08f3c add doc images – hardwarewise

715988d add more doc images – hardwarewise

3d51306 [nodeSetup] send burn and meta, get node info f… – MIPPL

9de0c71 [nodeSetup] implement custom burn script – MIPPL

67a506d [nodeSetup] rebuild utxo management to support … – MIPPL

10a3db8 [sin]add broken blocks – crptec

f4c20d2 [nodeSetup] re-arrange the flow to avoid accide… – MIPPL

f3552e2 [gui] change version name to CONSTELLATION – hardwarewise

b9d5098 [gui] change default theme – hardwarewise

c4308cd Update bitcoin_ru.ts – 008

6f4da9e [gui] change splash bg and fix menu bg for dark… – hardwarewise

61df67f [nodeSetup] node list screen and other UI fixes – MIPPL

b74cf0b [stats] fix ROI calculation bug for MINI – MIPPL

In progress:

  • Betelgeuse & Constellation Mainnet.
  • Fourth-generation custom proof-of stake algorithm PoS4 hybrid-consensus.
  • BTC 0.21 Codebase.
  • Collateral side chain, asset creation InfiniteChain.
  • Incorruptible Data Storage. IDS — Step 1. bMAIL. Blockchain-based Electronic Mail.
  • bFTP. Blockchain File Transfer Protocol.
  • SINCORD Messenger (Decentralized Direct Messaging).



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July 2021 Network Statistics


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July 2021 Financial Statement


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