SINOVATE (SIN) Team experienced an exciting and action-packed March. This article forms part of an ongoing monthly series, where key activities and milestones achieved will be discussed. 2021 will be a landmark year for SINOVATE with many keenly anticipated implementations on the horizon, including the release of our decentralized cloud storage solution Incorruptible Data Storage (IDS), the in-house built PoS4 hybrid algorithm, Proof-of-Inheritance, the SINOVATE InfiniteChain SideChain, and much more. Stay tuned to our social media and communication channels for updates as and when they happen.


SINOVATE successfully implements Hard Fork and reimburses missing rewards

The MINI Infinity Node Tier Hard Fork was successful. A Mandatory Wallet Upgrade was released, where PC and infinity node wallets had to be updated prior to block height 617,000 in order to continue receiving rewards, following the recent MINI Node reward generation issue.

The SINOVATE team was made aware of a reward generation issue specific to the MINI Infinity Node Tier at block height 583,500 to 617,000, where nodes created after the 1000th were not receiving rewards consistently. 71 Mini Nodes were affected in all. The impacted network participants were users that created a MINI Node between 09.01.2021 and 24.02.21. Node limits have now been removed, presenting current and would-be network participants with enhanced opportunities to benefit from the SINOVATE network as it continues to grow in strength, security, and value.

As of 10/03/2021, all associated missing rewards have been reimbursed. For further details on the nature of this problem, how this was resolved to ensure continuous rewards throughout the 12-month node life cycle, and how superior performance will always be maintained, click here.

SINOVATE releases 2021 roadmap video

SINOVATE recently released its 2021 roadmap. This year promises to be a very exciting one, with a multitude of upgrades, enhancements, and brand-new features on the horizon. These include the in-house built PoS4 hybrid algorithm, the SINOVATE InfiniteChain SideChain, our upcoming Alterra partnership, the highly anticipated IDS decentralized cloud storage solution, and much more. Check out this video, which breaks down everything we have in store for 2021.

New SINOVATE website goes live

The brand new SINOVATE website is now live. Slick, smooth, stylish, and beautifully designed, our website branding has been revamped with ease of navigation in mind, making it simple and seamless to find information on all things SIN. Colors and themes are synonymous with the recently released Brand Identity Guide’21

New Website

New Blog


New Explorer

The SINOVATE team worked tirelessly to complete this, and as always have delivered a fantastic end result. Many thanks to the SIN community for the brilliant support.

SINOVATE releases updated Litepaper

The highly anticipated updated Litepaper, which provides details of SINOVATE’s overarching mission, products and services, business strategy, the development status of IDS, and much more has been released. We constantly strive for perfection, so feedback from our community is always welcome. Click here to read the SINOVATE Litepaper.

2021 Litepaper


We continue to experience high growth across all social media and communication channels: STATS



499ec5c change secp256k1 submodule to our fork – crptec

b95fa47 use fork submodule secp256k1 – crptec

9af9173 [sin] add sinovate compatibilty function – crptec

4009b74 [sin] add musigpk, xonly is not used yet – crptec

e6866af [sin] add combine compatibility – crptec

685d858 add old musigpk to our fork – crptec

685d858 add old musigpk to our fork – crptec

a8901d8 change secp256k1 link – crptec

e0cf9cc update submodule secp256k1 – crptec

95e83d1 update ref – crptec

86b37de add SIN communication – crptec

New website released.

cba965f [gui] Add copyright information to Splash Screen – hardwarewise

7a09f69 Update – 008

edf7535 [sin] Add more broken blocks – giaki3003

a9aed74 [sin] Remove broken block collector – giaki3003

431ad6f update state when disconnect block – crptec

10bb634 add chain param last HF – crptec

97f026a rebuild the state of INF before close wallet – crptec

28f9568 DIN node communication improvement – crptec

6432062 [sin] Add last broken blocks – giaki3003

794da88 change MIN RELAY FEE – crptec

b6bf504 add DIN node communication – crptec

7b7937a [nodesetup] order flow (wip) – MIPPL

3cff6a9 [nodesetup] add radio button dep, npm audit fix – MIPPL

de00e02 [gui] revert to previous send/receive icons, do… – MIPPL

924ea34 [gui] fix dependencies, apk 16 – MIPPL

4368d12 change default address to LEGACY – crptec

4368d12 Changed default address to LEGACY – crptec.

4338716 [sin] More broken blocks – giaki3003.

396914c [gui] Reverted to previous modules versions – MIPPL.

0a805ae [nodesetup] Reverted to previous module version, … – MIPPL.

87857bd [gui] Style suggestions – MIPPL.

8f2065e [gui] Light theme for network, tx, settings scr… – MIPPL.

6d11ea5 Added infinitynode RPC – crptec.

2cc56a3 Fixed RPC call – crptec.

In progress:

  • Betelgeuse Mainnet.
  • Fourth-generation custom proof-of stake algorithm PoS4 hybrid-consensus.
  • BTC 0.21 Codebase.
  • Collateral side chain, asset creation InfiniteChain. Alterra Worldwide Partnership
  • Incorruptible Data Storage. IDS — Step 1. Blockchain-based electronic mail.
  • bFTP. Blockchain File Transfer Protocol.

• SINCORD Messenger (Decentralized Direct Messaging).

Blockchain Stats


The latest Financial Statement is available to view:

March 2021 Financial Statement Medium


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Author: Amit Kaushal