The SINOVATE (SIN) Team experienced an exciting and action-packed December. This article forms part of an on-going monthly series, where key activities and milestones achieved will be discussed. 2021 will be a landmark year for SINOVATE with many exciting implementations on the horizon, including the release of our decentralized cloud storage solution Incorruptible Data Storage (IDS), the in-house built Pos4 hybrid algorithm, SINOVATE Proof-of-Inheritance, and much more. The SINOVATE team hopes that all of our community members and their family members had a fantastic Christmas and wishes everyone a brilliant year ahead.


SINOVATE Non-Mandatory Wallet Upgrade released

SINOVATE has released a non-mandatory wallet upgrade. Whilst it is not necessary to upgrade, community members can benefit from the following enhancements:

  • Many UI fixes
  • Masternode tabs removal
  • 1-Click Node setUP improvements

Please click here to download the updated wallet.

SINOVATE reaches top 10 altrank on LunarCRUSH

SINOVATE is delighted to have reached a top 10 altrank on LunarCRUSH. LunarCRUSH is the go-to arena for delivering community insights to crypto investors, funds, and exchanges on a global scale, making this ranking a significant achievement. Research applications and APIs on this platform permit users to receive real-time insights, helping users to make informed crypto investment decisions. Many thanks for your fantastic support.

SINOVATE HODL Coin Offering Marketing Campaign goes live

The SINOVATE HODL Coin Offering (HCO) is now live. The HCO incentive program swiftly commenced after the implementation of the network upgrade on 21st November 2020 and will remain active for 75-days. This marketing campaign was created with inexperienced users in mind and enables SIN coins to be earned without setting up an Infinity Node and purchasing a Virtual Private Server (VPS).

HCO lowers entry points for everyone, further establishing our reputation as a fair-for-all autonomous decentralized organization. Learn more about HCO, including the campaign rules here. Also, check out this fantastic explainer video to find out more.

Introducing SINOVATE 1-Click setUP: Node creation made easy

The recent AURORA mainnet upgrade came equipped with a multitude of new enhancements including the first of its kind, in-wallet One-Click setUP feature, making infinity node creation as easy as possible. This article explains how SINOVATE setUP works, the benefits provided, and how it enables true decentralization for all.

We have also released an explainer video, which guides you every step of the way. For SINOVATE, Decentralization is and shall forever be the name of the game. We will continue to be completely transparent in all that we do for generations to come. Create an infinity node via SINOVATE One-Click setUP today.

SINOVATE Partners with Marketing Agency Bitcoin PR Buzz

SINOVATE is delighted to have formed partnership with Bitcoin PR Buzz. Founded in 2012, Bitcoin PR Buzz is a leading crypto marketing agency and the original Bitcoin press release service. Having worked with over 850 companies across multiple industries including Bridge.Link and Ark, Bitcoin PR Buzz’s hand-crafted press releases will play a critical role in assisting SINOVATE to educate people all over the world about the multitude of benefits afforded by our groundbreaking Deterministic Infinity Node (DIN) and Incorruptible Data Storage (IDS) technologies. Details of the upcoming BETELGEUS network upgrade in Q2 2021 are also discussed. Click here to find out more.

Infinity Nodes are the Next Breakthrough for Decentralized Cloud Storage article published

Learn about how SINOVATE will resolve the shortcomings of existing centralized cloud storage providers through deterministic infinity nodes in tandem with our custom-created IDS decentralized cloud solution. This article also explains the substantial benefits that will be permitted from storing data on SINOVATE, including world-class encryption, infinite security, 100% uptime, and no chance of data loss or breaches. SINOVATE One-click setUP also receives a mention as a means of creating a DIN node easily, enabling community members to receive regular rewards and benefit from all that the SINOVATE network has to offer.

SINOVATE will be the logical choice for your data storage needs, by providing peace of mind to individuals, firms, and institutions everywhere that their data is accessible at all times. Become a DIN operator today, and help shape the future of the decentralized cloud storage industry as we know it.

Collateralized Nodes with Proof-of-Burn and dCloud is the Future of Cloud Services Architecture article published

SINOVATE is delighted to have been mentioned on Hacker Noon as a project that will help to shape the future of the decentralized cloud industry, alongside the likes of Storj, Filecoin, and iCloud. Learn about how SINOVATE aims to become the innovative leader in the decentralized storage space via our collateralized deterministic infinity nodes. This article also provides details on how DIN Nodes function, the requirements to set up a node, and the rewards on offer across each tier.

Deterministic Infinity Node 1.0 article released in French and English

Learn about the significant benefits provided by our custom-created Deterministic Infinity Node 1.0 technology over the Dash legacy codebase in French and English. This article also describes our transition from a pure proof-of-work cryptocurrency to a masternode enhanced Infinity Node platform, as well as all of the advantages that IDS will offer to individuals, businesses, and institutions everywhere. Many thanks to SINOVATE Quality Manager and French Ambassador Rémy BONNIEU for the brilliant write-up.


SINOVATE HCO and 1-Click Node SetUP article published

Learn about how all community members, including users that may not have the technical experience to set up and run an infinity node, can easily benefit from our project and earn passive income by participating in the SINOVATE HODL Coin Offering (HCO) marketing campaign. This article also explains the campaign rules, how to participate, and the available levels of interest. Details of the significant benefits provided by the in-wallet SINOVATE 1-Click Node SetUP over all other VPS services are also given.

Introducing SINOVATE: The Future of Decentralized Cloud Storage article released

Learn about how SINOVATE’s custom-created blockchain technology Deterministic Infinity Nodes (DIN), in tandem with Incorruptible Data Storage (IDS), will create a new consensus system that delivers unbreachable security. This article also explains the advantages of DIN over traditional masternodes, when IDS step 1 will be implemented, and how all network participants will benefit from our vision for decentralized data.

How Blockchain Can Secure Unbreakable Data On The Cloud article published

SINOVATE’s unbreakable cloud storage solution Incorruptible Data Storage will make storing data remotely unbreakable, permitting speed and security levels never seen before in the cloud storage sector. This article also explores how our custom made DIN 1.0 codebase will create the ideal data storage network, by aligning all incentives received by network participants.

Also, learn about how SINOVATE’s technology stack of infinity nodes combined with IDS will eliminate previous security inefficiencies, limitations, and downtime issues holding back the cloud data storage sector for good.

Exploring the Untapped Potential of SINOVATE’s Decentralised Data Ecosystem

Learn about how SINOVATE will provide an infinitely secure, efficient, and seamless decentralized data ecosystem for everyone, through its superior DIN technology. Successful unauthorized logins will become a thing of the past thanks to Deterministic Infinity Nodes, guaranteeing an incorruptible and unbreakable SINOVATE network. Details on what IDS has in store including Cloud 3.0, anonymous P2P file sharing, and the SIN Messenger app are also provided. The future of big data is about to change for the better. Find out more here.

Decentralized Cloud 3.0 to make storage faster, more secure and cheaper article published

Learn about how SINOVATE seeks to resolve the big data problem, through our cutting-edge nodes that solve the issues associated with existing storage solutions. Data uploaded to the SINOVATE network will have varying levels of protection, depending on individual requirements.

Furthermore, our technology will play a powerful role in helping to prove the legitimacy and ownership of documents, such as birth and marriage certificates, court proceedings, employment contracts and other legal agreements. Our goal is for governments, educational institutions, medical facilities, and financial platforms to embrace DIN and the Decentralized Cloud 3.0. Find out more about our plans to provide the best cloud data storage solution on the market here.


We continue to experience high growth across all social media and communication channels: STATS



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0ee2457 [DIN list] Added context menu to show/hide list c… – MIPPL.

573aa20 [DIN list] Saved column selection on settings, k… – MIPPL.

086be82 [DIN list] Did some cleanup – MIPPL.

ba4291e Merge pull request #359 from MIPPL/master – hardwarewise.

b0f658b [DIN list] Added QEvent declaration – MIPPL.

18abae2 Merge pull request #360 from MIPPL/master – hardwarewise.

b28077d [DIN list] Fixed Win compilation – MIPPL.

ef790a6 Merge pull request #361 from MIPPL/master – hardwarewise.

7793dff [DIN list] Added header menu hint label – MIPPL.

698735e Merge pull request #362 from MIPPL/master – Cryplander.

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392143d [nodeSetup] Removed fixed commit — MIPPL.

7588e81 [sin] Added hco stats — crptec.

3fb5f8d [sin] Changed text — crptec.
62200a2 [sin] UI fixed — crptec.
27758dc [sin] Fixed ip read — crptec.

8ba82ee [DIN list] Added search filters — MIPPL.

64b00b8 Tab title changed — hardwarewise.

c99fb90 [gui] Removed total burnt nodes stats. — hardwarewise.

a8799f1 The setUP info message has been changed. – hardwarewise.

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acdd68c Changed MINI reward – crptec.

fb7e01a Stex exchange date formatted – crptec.

e341952 Applied reorg limit sync for explorer – crptec.

ef63e93 Updated masternodelist.cpp – 008.

65794d0 Codebase History – SametBasturkk.

41fa5c4 Coin Specs Updated – SametBasturkk.

64b79ca Added HCO ext call – crptec.

e259dc8 HCO stats – crptec.

362a8bc Fixed https call – crptec.

1e60edf Changed dashboard UI – crptec.

917f81d Fixed view – crptec.

6504a2b Added interest in dashboard – crptec.

a8099d1 Changed text HCO – crptec.

88418f3 [sin] Added Sinovate 2 tx standard – crptec.

5be353e Updated dashboard.jade – hardwarewise.

72485f2 Updated dashboard.jade – hardwarewise.

17ad697 [sin] Used btcutil in SIN github – crptec.

755ace6 [sin] Added Burn_And_Data as Unspendable – crptec.

6ae614b Edited Button – SametBasturkk.

3581efc Updated – SametBasturkk.

9cff27a Wallet version control added. – hardwarewise.

5dde681 Revert “Wallet version control added.” – hardwarewise.

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43c56a6 [sin] Converted burn_and_data tx to p2pkh for index – crptec.

4680020 [sin] Used btcutil in SIN github – crptec.

b363fca [sin] Added Type and Hex in uxto – crptec.

c7979de [sin] Do not index vout which has balance is zero – crptec.

9331067 [sin] Support sin tx standard burn_and_data – crptec.

fd25184 Header Optimization – SametBasturkk.

9fcf7f8 [sin] Added lockreward – crptec.

2e1788c Updated – SametBasturkk.

d410507 Updated bootstrap.min.css – SametBasturkk.

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dda0810 Inline css fixed – SametBasturkk.

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f8108ce Merged pull request #353 from MIPPL/master – hardwarewise.

7b245b5 Color Updated – SametBasturkk.

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acdd68c change MINI reward – crptec

fb7e01a Stex exchange date format – crptec

e341952 apply reorg limit sync for explorer – crptec

fe45270 Merge pull request #343 from 008/patch-2 – hardwarewise

d0d03b5 Update – 008

a8799f1 The setUP info message has been changed. – hardwarewise

04f88fc Update – hardwarewise

f0930f7 nodeSetup fix owner address issues when reusing… – MIPPL

11ddb39 nodeSetup check and show updatemeta errors, res… – MIPPL

1409c79 nodeSetup show finished message after cleaning – MIPPL

2d00d1c nodeSetup ui fixes in burntx combo descriptions – MIPPL

4ac0060 Merge branch ‘master’ into development – giaki3003

f0930f7 nodeSetup fix owner address issues when reusing… – MIPPL

11ddb39 nodeSetup check and show updatemeta errors, res… – MIPPL

1409c79 nodeSetup show finished message after cleaning – MIPPL

2d00d1c nodeSetup ui fixes in burntx combo descriptions – MIPPL

99faca2 Merge branch ‘development’ of… – MIPPL

fd85dbe [sin] protocol message – crptec

3ad3190 [sin] tx standard – crptec

07f12bb [sin] sin inventory – crptec a2a2147 [sin] LockReward part 1 – crptec

e239a0f [gui] Use two timers instead of one – giaki3003

6c22994 [gui] Call updates directly – giaki3003

7ba4a23 [gui] Start slot before timer – giaki3003

7a74b03 [misc] Make sure legacy flags are off when new … – giaki3003

2c81357 [gui] Remove legacy sync signals, handlers, hel… – giaki3003

c2f8ea5 [giu] Disable legacy L2 sync – giaki3003

d880d70 Merge remote-tracking branch ‘origin/developmen… – giaki3003

6993b45 [gui] hide null labels – giaki3003

bc9fb2f [gui] Avoid counting Expired nodes from a ready… – giaki3003

4e57979 [gui] Avoid statically adding rows based off to… – giaki3003

07b12f4 [gui] New counting method – giaki3003

57acfb2 [gui] try another approach at resizing – giaki3003

efd369e [gui] Add different node counts to the IN tab – giaki3003

a98389c [misc] Fix -Wreorder warnings – giaki3003

8d8be38 [din] Add funcs for counting enabled nodes – giaki3003

0b81da5 [DIN] Only show active nodes – giaki3003

4b6d8b6 [gui] We need to resize rows, not columns :face… – giaki3003

cb16f79 [gui] Avoid displaying empty rows – giaki3003

4a091f7 [sin] Fix txfee constants to match SIN values – giaki3003

8183d25 [sin] Fix POW test compilation – giaki3003

a96619c [sin] Remove standard btc secp256k1 – giaki3003

da0cbed [sin] Add experimental zkp secp256k1 lib from b… – giaki3003

a4bc6b6 [sin] tx fee on sinovate – crptec

fbe2719 [sin] full txid string – crptec

0e0090e [sin] RPC fix typo – crptec

b073dd0 [sin] hash string compatibility – crptec

80ca433 [sin] DIN node part 1 – crptec

In progress:

  • IDS — Step 1.
  • Incorruptible Data Storage.
  • bFTP.

• SINCORD Messenger (Decentralized Direct Messaging).
• Blockchain-based Electronic Mail.

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