Update to the latest version required by 05.01.2020

SINOVATE (SIN) is delighted to announce that our Upgraded Core Walletis now available to download. This update comes equipped with wide-ranging enhancements and additional features, serving as our best product to date. Community Members must ensure that they update their wallets to the latest version by 05.01.2020, when the SINOVATE network protocol will be upgrading. Our latest wallet contains the following improvements:

  • Onchain Infinity Node list.
  • Deterministic rewards.
  • Updated seed nodes.
  • Fixed BackupAddress. Updated extraction from blockchain.
  • [QT] Sin-qt high-dpi fix.
  • New special address.
  • Activate HD wallet enabling.
  • Encrypted private key facility for mobile wallet.
  • [QT] Background changed. Increased visibility of statistical information.
  • New RPC exportsecuaddress.
  • Node owner backup address.
  • Changed Tx fee.
  • Save data after scan.
  • [QT] Social media links added.
  • [QT] Visual improvements to overview page and new algorithm information.
  • [Misc] Urls in wallet.
  • Rank in Statement.
  • Added stm in CheckAndRemove.

VPS Update

Infinity Node owners must follow the below instructions to update their VPS:

sudo systemctl stop sinovate.service
./sin-cli stop
sudo rm .sin/debug.log
wget -O daemon.tar.gz http://sinovate.io/downloads/daemon.tar.gz
tar -xzvf daemon.tar.gz
./sin-cli -version
SIN RPC client version v0.17.1.3-b724846 //You should see//
sudo reboot

A number of our Community Members are experiencing issues with their VPS servers after upgrading. Please ensure that old VPS servers are destroyed, if you are moving this to a new version.

General Update

As always, the SIN Team is working tirelessly to achieve all of its goals. TREZOR Hardware Wallet integration is well underway, and the development of the new SINOVATE Official Website 2.0 continues to progress smoothly. SINOVATE Whitepaper V3 XXL, aka SINOPEDIA will contain 150 pages of in-depth technical content, and is also being prepared for release.

Join us and stay tuned for all forthcoming updates via our website and social media platforms:

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Author:Amit Kaushal