SINOVATE Codebase Set to Update to Bitcoin Core 0.21.99

The open-source blockchain dCloud storage solution, SINOVATE, is all set for a significant technological update by adding the Bitcoin Core 0.21.99 in its blockchain. This upgrade is an integral part of the SINOVATE roadmap’s Q2 2021 milestone by the codename BETELGEUSE, which will also see the hybridization of a custom fourth-generation Proof-of-Stake (PoS) with the X25X Proof-of-Work (PoW) consensus algorithm.

SINOVATE has already made quite a name in the industry because of its solutions for individuals, developers, and enterprises. For example, it had delivered the AURORA operating network last year with the cutting-edge technology of Infinity Nodes, created and built in-house by its development team.

With Bitcoin as a critical component of the updated security, efficiencies, and technological make associated with all blockchain projects, the SINOVATE codebase is in a position to take advantage of Bitcoin’s latest update. Bitcoin Core 0.21.99 is no less than a turning point for the Bitcoin Core wallet with the introduction of two significant features and the eventual breaking of compatibility.

Why is SINOVATE updating to Bitcoin Core 0.21.99?

SINOVATE’s state-of-the-art, community-driven decentralized storage solution leverages thousands of Infinity Nodes for their Incorruptible Data Storage (IDS) feature. This calls for the blockchain codebase to be scalable, secure, and reliable for file transfers and coin transactions. Blockchain-based Infinity Nodes are, in fact, the backbone for SINOVATE dCloud’s decentralized storage servers, lending users a cost-effective, stable, and fast cloud platform.

“Updating SINOVATE to the last Bitcoin Core provides us with the possibility to enjoy the previous technological breakthrough done by the Bitcoin community… In addition, SINOVATE developers can enjoy new features to improve the quality of services and users’ experiences,” SINOVATE’s latest press release discussing the upgrade mentioned.

Updating to the latest Bitcoin Core 0.21.99 will enable developers worldwide to adapt quickly to SINOVATE’s up-to-date infrastructure for Bitcoin-related services. Besides, the upgrade comes with several guarantees concerning compatibility, support, and testing, along with a transaction request overhaul that SINOVATE can leverage.

Bitcoin Core 0.21.99: What’s New?

Bitcoin Core 0.21.99 was officially released in January 2021, the 21st major release of Bitcoin’s original software client launched by Satoshi Nakamoto about 12 years ago. This latest release took six months and hundreds of contributors to develop and boast several new features, enhanced privacy, and augmented performance.

One of the primary changes introduced is descriptor wallets, which are especially useful for application developers designing software on top of Bitcoin core. These descriptor wallets allow users to categorize their UTXOs based on the types of conditions that are required to spend them. Therefore, a particular application can involve only a specific kind of UTXO in its design, for instance, multisig UTXOs, and ignore any non-multisig UTXO.

Bitcoin 0.21.99 update will also offer smoother wallet usage with a guaranteed higher degree of security for “light client” wallet users. The full nodes of the network will create “compact client-side block” filters and send them to the “light client” wallets, which will then process any data using these filters and pick only what is relevant for the client. Other new features include fewer broadcast attempts, TOR V3 support, and improved network synchronization. Bitcoin Core 0.21.99 is also set to take a big step towards the Schnorr/Taproot protocol upgrade.

However, Schnorr/Taproot is not available on Bitcoin’s mainnet yet, but Schnorr signature is in the SINOVATE Security layer. Therefore, the upgrade will have to be activated first, requiring an activation logic so far not included in the Bitcoin Core release. This activation logic could be included in a minor release in the course of a few months hence.

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