Infinity Nodes

Infinity nodes are the unique innovation to solve the economic issues that every Masternode project faces. High coin emission rates have caused the value of nearly every PoS cryptocurrency to plummet. Through the burning of Infinity Node collateral, the circulating supply will be meager.

Infinity nodes incentivize a guaranteed minimum of up to 22% ROI only if the maximum number of nodes on the network are reached(with 594 million SIN locked & burned). Infinity nodes have a lifespan of 12 months up until they will be removed from the reward queue. To renew an Infinity Node, the collateral must be burned again.

Infinity Nodes are available in three tiers:

Little SIN

100,000 SIN

LiL minimum 12%


500,000 SIN

5% bonus

Mid minimum 17%


1,000,000 SIN

10% bonus


X25X Algorithm

The X25X algorithm combines the best features from 25 different
cryptographic algorithms into one, providing a safe and hardened resistance to ASIC and FPGA devices – and ensuring maintained decentralization.

Incorruptible Data Storage(IDS)

Incorruptible Data Storage (I.D.S.) is a revolutionary Private Networking mechanism designed to allow users to exchange encrypted files over a P2P network anonymously. The ultimate goal is to achieve unlimited data transfer and storage powered by the SINOVATE network.


Infinity Nodes enable the “FlashSend” feature, which allows the near-instantaneous transfer of coins, averaging less than 2 seconds per transaction. The SINOVATE network can support 533 transactions per second (TPS), making it approximately 75 times more scalable than Bitcoin. FlashSend makes SINOVATE one of the fastest PoW blockchain networks to date.

Revolving Sovereignty Votes

Infinity Node holders can participate in decentralized governance using the built-in Revolving Sovereignty Vote (R.S.V.) system.

Due to the limited lifespan of Infinity nodes, voting rights must be renewed every 12 months.