Infinity Nodes

Infinity Nodes solve the unintended consequences of high inflation and emission all Masternode orientated cryptocurrencies are subjected to.

Infinity Node holders earn a minimum guaranteed 22*% annual ROI (only if limit of 594 million SIN are locked in Infinity Nodes).
All Infinity Nodes have a theoretical shelf life of 12 months, at which point they will be removed from the node count.

Infinity Nodes are available in three tiers:

Little SIN

100,000 SIN

LiL minimum 12%


500,000 SIN

5% bonus

Mid minimum 17%


1,000,000 SIN

10% bonus


X25X Algorithm

X25X combines 25 cryptographic algorithms into one and provides strengthened resistance to the creation of ASIC and FPGA devices. Increased ram usage per nonce is utilized for FPGAs. X25X also ensures decentralisation is maintained at all times.


ShadowSend provides true financial privacy by obscuring the origin of your funds. All stored SIN is comprised of different inputs, which can be treated as separate, discrete coins. ShadowSend uses an innovative process to mix inputs with default 5 mixing pairs, without coins ever leaving your wallet. This ensures control of funds is always retained.

Incorruptible Data Storage(IDS)

Incorruptible Data Storage (IDS) is a revolutionary Private Networking mechanism, designed to allow users to send encrypted files to one another anonymously, with the ultimate goal of achieving unlimited decentralised data transfer and storage. User security is permitted through preservation and resilience from the Bitcoin, Komodo and SINOVATE Blockchains.


Infinity Nodes enable the instantaneous transfer of SIN coins in less than 3 seconds, carried out through FlashSend.

SINOVATE network permits 533 transactions per second (TPS), making it 75 times more scalable than Bitcoin.

FlashSend has one of the fastest total transaction speeds within the crypto space if not the fastest, aided still further by reducing confirmations to minimum levels through the shield of dPoW.

Revolving Sovereignty Votes

Infinity Node holders can participate in decentralised voting by using the in-built Revolving Sovereignty Votes (RSV) system.
Voting rights must be renewed every 12 months, due to the lifespan of nodes.