Tamer Dagli (Cryplander)

CEO & Founder

Hardware geek, software novice, philantropist, crypto aficionado, blockchain supporter, decentralization fanatic, miner and hodling until trillion dollar market cap.

Doesn’t believe in fomo and a believer in the process of everytime the chances will come back as long as the project has a good team support.

Startups supporter and investor, freelancers, cryptolancers supporter.

Supporter of women in blockchain.

Gamer and hardware enthusiast from the early childhood.
Amateur mixologist and a chef.

Touring Car Racer.

Fluent in English.

Even though he has been running other big successful businesses not related to crypto, he has been in technology, hardware, software and games for more than 30 years since his early childhood. He has been in the crypto era as an investor and miner since 2015. He knows how to handle the community in his own sincere transparent way by answering to every single person and question in the SINOVATE community. He has big experience for recruiting and managing lots of people at the same time and he has experiences for all the consequences that might occur for miners and investors and he definitely knows how to solve them.