CTO & Co-Founder

Programmer, Project manager, IT manager, Database manager, Network administrator, Hardware technician.
Coder since 1984. Linux evangelist since 1994. Crypto coin and miner developer since 2013.

Crypto coin development started in 2013 as miner optimiser (for example Pallas made the quickest opencl groestl kernels of the time), then moved to wallet development and making miners for new algorithms.
Pallas created the first OpenCL and cuda miners for the HMQ1725 PoW algo, among others.

After participating to the development of some coins like Gridcoin, in 2016 Pallas took the main developer position of Cryptonite (XCN), along with the original creator Bitfreak. XCN is the first coin using mini-blockchain technology and other advanced features.

In 2017, when the project was still very young, Pallas joined the Lethean (the former Intense Coin) team. A cryptonote coin with distributed blockchain based VPN application, it is a very promising project, and a crypto coin with real world usage.