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Distinctive SIN Highlights

SINOVATE name represents the core belief of the team and community to innovate the way all blockchains function. Providing the solutions necessary to become the next-generation platform and cryptocurrency, through its core features.

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The upcoming hybrid consensus for block validations encourages CPU, GPU mining, and allows staking from the core wallets to reach a broader user base. Continuously more than 1250 nodes connected to the blockchain toward comprehensive decentralization, security, and stability.

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Revolving Sovereignty Votes (R.S.V.) enhanced e-governance designed to put power in the hands of users with yearly revolving votes. R.S.V permits voting rights to Infinity Node holders. 

Decentralized governance is the future of any successful Blockchain project. SINOVATE believes that blockchain is ubiquitous in the underlying infrastructure and services in the future of everyday life. Having fair voting for developments, marketing, and innovations of the SINOVATE chain is vital for everyone.

SIN node owners can participate in the voting for the life of their nodes, which is 365 days, so users who wish to continue gaining interest while having a right to vote must have a SIN node.

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The Linearly Weighted Moving Average (LWMA) difficulty retargeting algorithm and Reorg fork reject solution merged with P.O.B (Proof of Burn) establish a secure 51% attack protection.

The SINOVATE network is more immune to hash power fluctuations as witnessed, or can be potentially the case, with other blockchain projects. Block times will be more consistent and less susceptible to spikes in hash power. 

Another solution for 51% attack prevention mirrors that of Ravencoin, known as the Reorg 55 block Solution. 

The hybrid consensus makes it virtually impossible for successful network attacks and double-spending.

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The SINOVATE blockchain is scalable up to 533 tx/s, due to its 16 MB maximum block size. Block times are currently 2 minutes, with exchange confirmations set to 55. The hybrid consensus will significantly reduce confirmation times for the exchanges because of being extra secure. PoW/PoS/ Hybrid or any other consensus does not increase scalability, and this is dependent on the blockchain design. 

Therefore, SINOVATE will integrate sharding and schnorr signatures if needed, which authorizes very high scalability and further increases the on-chain TPS capability. However, higher scalability and throughput are necessary if the whole world uses the chain more than Bitcoin. Until that time, enjoy the lightning-fast transactions of the SINOVATE blockchain.

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Proof-of-Burn (P.O.B.) and Deterministic Infinity Nodes ensure unique one of a kind network stability and fair rewards.

Infinity nodes encourage the creation of new nodes by rewarding them but also limit inflation. 

The 12 month lifetime ensures a more exceptional service quality for I.D.S. cloud storage, as operators must maintain their nodes at all times. Unlike other masternode projects, there is no canceling of nodes before the maturity date, meaning that all nodes must remain online for 12 months, which guarantees full redundancy and sustainability.

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Transparency and Support

Unprecedented full-time active community support and openness throughout all channels of SINOVATE.

Since its origin in September 2018, the SINOVATE project has strived to deliver innovative solutions in the blockchain space. Respecting and taking the opinions of the members for genuinely democratic decisions was the primary purpose. 

After all, the community is the most critical aspect of the project. 

SINOVATE is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), and the Infinity Node owners’ votes rule all governance decisions.