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SINOVATE releases Proof-of-Burn explainer video

SINOVATE has released its third short explainer video, which describes the advantages of the Proof-of-Burn mechanism. Learn about how Proof-of-Burn ensures network stability of the SIN blockchain and positively impacts coin valuation here. Stay tuned for new videos covering all aspects, features, and services that we provide via our YouTube channeland official website.

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SINOVATE Interview published on Masternode Buzz

Check out the recent SINOVATE Interview on Masternode Buzz, where our Operating Officer, Community Leader, and investor Tamer Dagli addresses matters on all things SIN. These include what differentiates us from competitors, the advantages of our upcoming tri-hybrid consensus, how I.D.S. will be a superior cloud storage data solution and more. Stay tuned for SIN related news, articles and interviews, which will be published on the Masternode Buzz website.

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First missing MID SIN Node rewards reimbursed

As of 03.02.2020, the first of our three missing MID SIN Node rewards, from the recent excessive infinity nodes and reward generation issues have been reimbursed. Click here for further details. Remaining MID SIN payments will be made on 10.02.2020 and 17.02.2020. Please note that all node owners who did not update their wallets prior to the network upgrade have not been paid. Details of all MID SIN Nodes can be found here. Many thanks for your fantastic support.


We continue to experience high growth across all social media and communication channels:

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  • Icons updated — hardwarewise.
  • Minor visual fixes — hardwarewise.
  • Updated default.css — hardwarewise.
  • SIN-FAN-ART — 95 commit — Cryplander.
  • Reverted windows installer removal — MIPPL.
  • Fixed — MIPPL.
  • Created — cyberd3vil.
  • Created index — cyberd3vil.
  • Added files via upload — cyberd3vil.
  • Updated — cyberd3vil.
  • Created — cyberd3vil.
  • Updated — hardwarewise.
  • Theme Changed: Part 5 — hardwarewise.
  • Updated — hardwarewise.

In progress:

  • Optimization of next hard fork — giaki3003.
  • Infinity Node communication — crptec (xtdev).
  • New UI QT Wallet — hardwarewise.
  • Schnorr signature.
  • New SINOVATE Website.
  • SIN Webtool.
  • SINOPEDIA Whitepaper.

Monthly Update

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Our latest Monthly Report can be accessed on Medium:

January 2020 Monthly Report Medium


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The latest Financial Statement is also available to view:

January 2020 Financial Statement Medium

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Author:Amit Kaushal