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SINOVATE is delighted to confirm that the highly anticipated AURORA Mainnet and Deterministic Infinity Node (DIN) 1.0 integration is now live, marking the successful transition from the Dash legacy masternode code previously implemented by infinity nodes to the first of its kind, superior Deterministic Infinity Nodes DIN codebase. Greater rewards for MINI Node owners, a substantially increased number of nodes, stability, security, enhanced economic prosperity, and much more are now available to network participants.

Tune into our discord and telegram channels for further details on AURORA and all other exciting new announcements. Please stay at home, follow the rules, and most importantly stay safe.


FLITS Hosted Service: Official SINOVATE Statement

It recently came to light that the mobile node hosting provider Flits did not comply with guidelines provided by the SINOVATE team, resulting in the incorrect implementation of the coin burning procedure. This caused a total of 172 infinity nodes to be created erroneously, meaning impacted nodes were unable to migrate to the recently launched Deterministic Infinity Nodes 1.0 (DIN) platform and have been lost forever.

As a direct consequence of Flits choosing their own method to make nodes, irreversible issues were created that are impossible to resolve, which was not due to a bug in SINOVATE’s code.

SINOVATE has taken action and presented its own solutions, in order to aid the recovery of lost funds the best we can. These include a 30% lost rewards reimbursement plan, a community crowdfunding round, and 12-month free hosting to all infinity node owners using the Flits application. For all the facts as and when they happened, click here. While this situation was unfortunately out of our own hands, we will endeavor to ensure that similar issues never materialize. The SINOVATE team is infinitely sorry for end-users using Flits to make their nodes.

SINOVATE 1-Click in-wallet Node setUP explainer video released

Setting up an infinity node just became a whole lot easier, thanks to the SINOVATE 1-Click in-wallet Node setUP. Setting up an infinity node can prove to be a daunting prospect, especially with no previous experience of masternodes or the Linux operating system.

With this in mind, the SINOVATE development team has designed a seamless and user-friendly Virtual private Server (VPS) hosting service, which at only $2.99 per month (annual plan cost with SIN only payment) provides cost-effective advantages over existing providers instantly. SINOVATE setUP’s advantages over existing VPS services also include 100% guaranteed uptime, 9 datacentres dispersed around the globe for complete decentralization, and total ownership of your private keys and SIN coins. Check out this fantastic explainer video for further details. Create your SIN node via the 1-Click in-wallet Node setUP feature today.

SINOVATE AURORA Mainnet article goes live

The SINOVATE AURORA mainnet upgrade is now live. Block height 550, 000 initiated on 21st November 2020, marking the transition from existing masternode enhanced infinity nodes to pure Deterministic Infinity Nodes (DIN) 1.0, created and entirely built by the SINOVATE development team.

Updating to the AURORA Mainnet Wallet is mandatory for infinity node owners, in order to be compatible with our brand new DIN codebase and to continue receiving rewards. For further details on the AURORA mainnet upgrade including what makes DIN so special, why MINI Node rewards have significantly increased, SINOVATE setUP implementation and more, click here. Please follow these instructions to migrate your infinity node to DIN. SINOVATE setUP users must follow this guide for ease of migration to our new codebase.

SINOVATE setUP Black Friday Promotion

10 lucky community members were able to take advantage of our Black Friday Promotion, by using the BlackFriday2020 code for 20% off on our 12-month SINOVATE setUP plan. Learn more about our in-wallet 1-Click SINOVATE Node setUP feature here.


Better than DeFi: SINOVATE’s New Infinity Nodes Provide Up to 130% Returns article published

Learn about how SINOVATE’s Incorruptible Data Storage (IDS) dCloud network will provide game-changing decentralized cloud storage to the cryptocurrency market. This article also explains how SINOVATE’s custom-created Deterministic Infinity Nodes provide a viable alternative to the traditional financial system as well as DeFi, with network participants receiving as much as a 130% return on investment (ROI) from their burnt collateral within 12-months. One-click node SINOVATE setUP is also discussed, as well as the HODL Coin Offering (HCO) campaign for additional passive income possibilities.


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dfc5638 [misc] Fix devfee address for the dev branch – giaki3003

aa79a8e [sin] Misc validation/params changes – giaki3003

74180fd [validation] Added LWMA-3/DGW – giaki3003

3626570 [sin] Add x22i/x25x hashes – giaki3003

ab30f8b [sin] Update chainTxData – giaki3003

d408a45 [nodeSetup] add logprints to updatemeta for sup… – MIPPL

68e2b8e setUP error message color is red. – hardwarewise

62733fe span: (almost) match std::span’s constructor be… – theuni

1d58cc7 span: add lifetimebound attribute – theuni

e3e7446 Add lifetimebound to attributes for general-pur… – theuni

4df6567 sync: make EnterCritical() & push_lock() type safe – vasild

95975dd sync: detect double lock from the same thread – vasild

2690005 MINI DIN stats information fixed. – hardwarewise

72605aa DIN tab update – crptec

83bbbc9 [sin] sinovate port number – crptec

372ac03 [sin] sinovate tx standard: timelock and burn_a… – crptec

bc3148b [sin] new RPC to read script – crptec

ffbb619 Pool statistics removed – hardwarewise

9051649 remove status of masternode sync – crptec

05e01f5 [sin] disable status bar – crptec

afef80b [sin] remove expired node – crptec

74180fd [validation] Added LWMA-3/DGW – giaki3003

3626570 [sin] Add x22i/x25x hashes – giaki3003

efed129 [sin] Avoid validating a small subset of blocks… – giaki3003

f5b91a2 Update singui.cpp – hardwarewise

6839e67 Available BTC Total Added. – hardwarewise

89bdad5 RPC/Wallet: unloadwallet: Allow specifying wall… – luke-jr

8008ef7 qt: unlock wallet “OK” button bugfix – Michael Dietz

d16d805 [sin] DIN node header files – crptec

6fa042f [sin] sinovate MESSAGE_MAGIC – crptec

1ac8bb2 [sin] infinitynode log category – crptec

e1a29f8 Revert “[sin] disable status bar” – crptec

a68df81 [misc] Bump min protocol version – giaki3003

40325c8 [misc] Sort by subVer – giaki3003

72bda79 [din] Show total enabled nodes in info tab – giaki3003

4de7374 ROI percentage stats added to setUP tab. – hardwarewise

92bfd7a Update masternodelist.ui – hardwarewise

ff1cc55 [sin] Avoid not sending blocks if we’re over re… – giaki3003

667f2d2 [sin] massage in debug log for calcul of score – crptec

In progress:

  • IDS — Step 1
  • Incorruptible Data Storage.
  • bFTP

• SIN Messenger (Decentralized Direct Messaging).
• Blockchain-based Electronic Mail.

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