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SINOVATE is delighted to confirm that the highly anticipated AURORA Mainnet and Deterministic Infinity Node (DIN) 1.0 integration is now live, marking the successful transition from the Dash legacy masternode code previously implemented by infinity nodes to the first of its kind, superior Deterministic Infinity Nodes DIN codebase. Greater rewards for MINI Node owners, a substantially increased number of nodes, stability, security, enhanced economic prosperity, and much more are now available to network participants.

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DIN AURORA Mainnet Launched

The DIN (Deterministic Infinity Node) AURORA Mainnet is now live. Upgrading to the AURORA Wallet is mandatory, in order for infinity nodes to be compatible with the DIN 1.0 codebase. If you have not migrated to DIN, please do so as soon as possible. Since block 550, 000, masternode code is obsolete and only DIN nodes are receiving rewards. For instructions to migrate your infinity node to DIN, please click here. SINOVATE setUP users must follow this guide for ease of migration to our new codebase.


HODL Coin Offering campaign goes live

The SINOVATE HODL Coin Offering (HCO) is now live. For a limited time (75 days from November 22nd), community members can earn up to 15% over 12 months for holding coins within their native wallets. The HCO marketing campaign provides a low-entry alternative to hosting infinity nodes, permitting participants everywhere to benefit from joining the SINOVATE network. Click here for further details.

Flits Hosted Funds Update

It recently came to light that the mobile node hosting provider Flits did not comply with guidelines provided by the SINOVATE team, resulting in the incorrect implementation of the coin burning procedure. This caused a total of 172 infinity nodes to be created erroneously, meaning impacted nodes will be unable to migrate to the DIN 1.0 Deterministic Infinity Nodes platform and have been lost forever.

We are actively encouraging Flits to take responsibility regarding this situation, by reimbursing initial user investment or lost earnings. SINOVATE considered implementing a hardfork as a potential resolution, but this was not deemed to be sufficient due to the permanent loss of burnt coins required to run infinity nodes on the Flits app. SINOVATE are currently in the process of launching a fund, that will permit all impacted node owners to recover a portion of their lost funds. Further details will be announced shortly. The SINOVATE team is infinitely sorry for end-users using Flits to make their nodes.


SINOVATE DIN AURORA hardfork article published

Learn about all of the benefits that our custom-created DIN 1.0 codebase provides, including greater reliability, security, and flexibility than the dash legacy masternode code. This article also explains how vastly increased blockchain efficiency and higher scalability is enabled via Schnorr MuSig signatures and lockreward implementation.


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  • Deterministic Infinity Node 1.0, DIN AURORA v01.0.0.0.
  • 6fc8ab9 Created – hardwarewise.
  • e249efe [misc] Added rpc calls for non-custodial burn – giaki3003.
  • e249efe [misc] Added rpc calls for non-custodial burn – giaki3003.
  • 6adaeaa [misc] Leftover changes from e249efea0cd58bca3f… – giaki3003.
  • dcafb55 [din] Made sure our client is synced before giv… – giaki3003.
  • 7941982 Updated – hardwarewise.
  • 72e6bff Updated – hardwarewise.
  • e7fcd1d [nodeSetup] Removed getOwnerAddress fixed amount… – MIPPL.
  • 3f79ea2 [nodeSetup] Removed collateral check from checkF… – MIPPL.
  • d603894 [nodeSetup] Fixed get owner address from burn tx – MIPPL.
  • 62a4201 [nodeSetup] Added logprints to getOwnerAddress – MIPPL.
  • 1760593 [nodeSetup] Fixed obtain correct vout index for g… – MIPPL.
  • 5dd44d8 New RPC – crptec.
  • 50e6d82 [gui] Fixed IN list sorting – giaki3003.
  • 74180fd [validation] Added LWMA-3/DGW – giaki3003.
  • 3626570 [sin] Added x22i/x25x hashes – giaki3003.
  • c78ae72 Updated faqpage.ui – hardwarewise.

In progress:

  • IDS — Step 1
  • Incorruptible Data Storage.
    • SIN Messenger (Decentralized Direct Messaging).
    • Blockchain-based Electronic Mail.

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