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  • New website released.
  • cba965f [gui] Add copyright information to Splash Screen – hardwarewise
  • 7a09f69 Update – 008
  • edf7535 [sin] Add more broken blocks – giaki3003
  • a9aed74 [sin] Remove broken block collector – giaki3003
  • 431ad6f update state when disconnect block – crptec
  • 10bb634 add chain param last HF – crptec
  • 97f026a rebuild the state of INF before close wallet – crptec
  • 28f9568 DIN node communication improvement – crptec
  • 6432062 [sin] Add last broken blocks – giaki3003
  • 794da88 change MIN RELAY FEE – crptec
  • b6bf504 add DIN node communication – crptec
  • 7b7937a [nodesetup] order flow (wip) – MIPPL
  • 3cff6a9 [nodesetup] add radio button dep, npm audit fix – MIPPL
  • de00e02 [gui] revert to previous send/receive icons, do… – MIPPL
  • 924ea34 [gui] fix dependencies, apk 16 – MIPPL
  • 4368d12 change default address to LEGACY – crptec

In progress:

  • Betelgeuse Mainnet.
  • Fourth generation custom proof-of stake algorithm PoS4 hybrid-consensus.
  • BTC 0.21 Codebase.
  • Collateral side chain, asset creation InfiniteChain.
  • Incorruptible Data Storage. IDS — Step 1. Blockchain-based electronic mail.
  • bFTP. Blockchain File Transfer Protocol.

• SINCORD Messenger (Decentralized Direct Messaging).

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