SINOVATE (SIN) provides a summary of news, progress, and project development every week. The SINOVATE team continues to work tirelessly to iron out and resolve remaining bugs for the DIN (Deterministic Infinity Node) 1.0 codebase, prior to the mainnet AURORA upgrade release. The closed testnet phase (Star Cradle) will be open to the public this week.

Stay tuned for further details, as well as many new announcements that are currently in the pipeline. Please stay at home, follow the rules, and most importantly stay safe.



SINOVATE Proof-of-work block rewards halved

Mining SINOVATE just became a whole lot more valuable. As of block 500,000, Proof-of-work rewards have been slashed from 25 SIN per block to 12.5 SIN.

Deterministic Infinity Node (DIN) implementation is fast approaching, as well as our HODL Coin Offering (HCO) marketing campaign for passive income possibilities. Many thanks for your fantastic support. Stay tuned to our discord and telegram channels for the latest news as and when it happens.




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f089a0a Fixed node status and checked load problem – MIPPL.

0467aeb Reduced list invoices api call frequency – MIPPL.

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bd6063d [rpc] Help text refac – giaki3003.

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255b9f2 Some visual fixes – hardwarewise.

e152aee Added recover button, refresh pay timer, other no… – MIPPL.

In progress:

Infinity Node 1.0

  • Revolution of node structures.
    • Pure new custom code.
    • Deterministic Infinity Node infrastructure.
    • Schnorr Signatures.
    • Double run in mainnet.
  • I.D.S. — Step 1
  • Incorruptible Data Storage.
    • SIN Messenger (Decentralized Direct Messaging).
    • Blockchain-based Electronic Mail.

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Author: Amit Kaushal