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SINOVATE Monthly Update

September 2019

The SINOVATE (SIN) Team experienced an exciting and action-packed September. This article forms part of an on-going monthly series, where key activities and milestones achieved will be discussed.

SINOVATE Monthly Update 2

SINOVATE Twitter Bounty: Earn 10 SIN for participating

Community Members followed the below rules to earn 10 SIN, courtesy of our Twitter Bounty:

— Follow the official @SinovateChain Twitter Account

— Retweet, like and comment on this tweet

— Post your screenshots in #SINOVATE on Discord

SINOVATE Monthly Update 3

SINOVATE Coin Comparison: SIN vs Others

The above Coin Comparison list was released, which showcases our specifications, strengths and features when paired against a number of established cryptocurrency projects. Through our unique Infinity Nodes reward system, Revolving Voting, future Decentralised Data Storage and much more, we remain strong in our belief that SINOVATE will establish itself as a competitive player within the crypto field long term.

SINOVATE Monthly Update 4

SINOVATE Chain Wealth Distribution

Currently, 74% of total SIN Wallets sit outside of our Top 200 Rich List, a clear indication of equality and fairness for all Community Members. Very few if any other crypto project’s wealth distribution matches that of our own, a resulting factor of having no ICO or Premine since day one.

SINOVATE Monthly Update 5

SINOVATE Governance Proposal

As voted by the SINOVATE Community, the Treasury Reward was due to increase to 11% of each block reward. However, in order to reduce emission levels, the SIN Team decided to change this figure to 10%. The SINOVATE Team believes this reward change will strengthen our community, significantly benefit current and future investors as well as enhance overall prosperity of our project moving forwards. Click here for further details.

SINOVATE Monthly Update 6

Halving of Block Rewards: 500 to 250

As of 18.09.19, Proof-of-Work (PoW) Block Rewards halved from 500 SIN to 250 SIN. This scarcity factor will upwardly impact the price of each SIN coin you earn via your GPU or Mining Rig, making our offering an economically viable short term and long term hold.  

SINOVATE Monthly Update 7
SINOVATE Monthly Update 8

Binance Info’s V Label project SINOVATE updates Weekly Reports

Check out our recently updated Weekly Reports via the Binance Info website.


SINOVATE Documentation Center published

SINOVATE Documentation, including an Infinity Node Expired Solution and an Infinity Node Setup Guide are now available via the SINOVATE Documentation Center. Further documents and guides will be added in due course. Thank you for your continued support.

SINOVATE Monthly Update 9

SINOVATE Blockchain formerly SUQA celebrates First Year Anniversary

On 26.09.18, SINOVATE began its journey into the crypto sphere as SUQA Coin. 12 months on, aided by a fantastically talented team as well as a brilliant and constantly growing community, we still stand strong and continue to deliver on all fronts.

The SINOVATE Team is extremely grateful for the unwavering and continued support shown by our community. In order to celebrate and show our appreciation for reaching this historical milestone, a Bounty took place with 50 lucky participants earning 5000 SIN each. The following rules had to be followed in order to qualify:

  • Follow, retweet and like this tweet
  • Comment your $SIN address

Winners were randomly picked via a YouTube live stream on 30/09/2019 at 16.00 UTC+3. Click here to check if you won!

Community Growth

We continue to experience high growth across all social media and communication channels:

SINOVATE Monthly Update 10


SINOVATE Monthly Update 11

Bug fixes and Wallet upgrades 

SINOVATE Monthly Update 12


  • Reorg limit of Raven 51% Attack Solution
  • Fix stuck wallet
  • Fix possible split chain
  • Fix connect block error
  • Explorer optimization
  • LMWA Algorithm integration
  • Optimization Core
  • Documents Page
  • Setup testnet for HardFork
  • Fix reorg issue
  • Remove minimum fee in GUI
  • Increase FlashSend fee
  • Increase maximum fee limit
  • Remove ShadowSend

In progress:

  • On-chain Infinity Node
  • Change dev fee
  • Change address of dev
  • Random X ASIC resistant Algorithm integration
  • Private Testnet
  • Mobile Wallet Beta out for internal testing

Completed (Mobile Wallet) :

  • Mobile wallet to go-live upon Hardfork Mainnet Wallet release
SINOVATE Monthly Update 13

SINOVATE Mandatory Wallet Upgrade

Following various bugs, a Mandatory Wallet Upgrade has been released. Community Members are encouraged to update their Wallets to the latest version as soon as possible.

Github Commits 

SINOVATE Monthly Update 14

Check our Github Page:


SINOVATE have actively been recruiting new talent, adding to the wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise already assembled:

SINOVATE Monthly Update 15

SINOVATE recruits new Marketers

Aydin and Edward will be tasked with Marketing and promoting SINOVATE, establishing our brand on a global scale. Team Members are highly active on our Discord and Telegram channels, so feel free to drop in and say hi.

Click here for details on all Team Members.

Partnerships & Monitoring Listings

SINOVATE Monthly Update 16

SINOVATE Merchandise store now open. SIN accepted as payments method

SINOVATE merchandise is now available for purchase via The Bob Shop. Use your SIN coins to purchase t-shirts and sweaters of your favourite cryptocurrency here

SINOVATE Monthly Update 17

SINOVATE lists on Livenodes Ecosystem

SINOVATE is now available on the Livenodes Ecosystem. Livenodes’s Blockchain-based ecosystem builds a multitude of products and services with practical use cases, including advertising and promotional solutions via Crypto Masters, the Livenodes Masternode Monitoring and Stats Service as well as a Proof of Stake, Proof-of-Work and Masternode Pool. Click here to view details of the SINOVATE project on the Masternode Monitoring Platform.

SINOVATE Monthly Update 18

SINOVATE available on Node Run

SINOVATE, courtesy of Masternode.Live is now available on the increasingly popular Node Run game. Use our character and earn SIN coins while having fun! Play now on Android and Apple devices.

SINOVATE Monthly Update 19

SINOVATE lists on OreCoinGames

SINOVATE takes delight in announcing that it is now available on OreCoinGames Casino. Community Members can deposit their SIN coins and explore a variety of different games and tournaments, with big prizes up for grabs. Play now for your chance to hit the jackpot!

SINOVATE Monthly Update 20

SINOVATE available on ZCore Masternodes System

SINOVATE is now available on the ZCore Masternodes System. Setup your Infinity Node with one click, for as low as $1.49 a month when paid in advance. ZCore provides Community Members with the following benefits:

— SIN accepted as payment method

— Significantly more cost-effective than paying as much as $5 a month with other VPS Hosting Providers

— Manage multiple Masternodes on a single dashboard 

— Keep your Private Keys

— Safety, convenience and reliability provided at all times

SINOVATE Monthly Update 21

SINOVATE selected for Midas Exchange Alpha Launch

Due to a consistently high performance on Midas InstantBuy and excelling as a top-performing cryptocurrency, SINOVATE has been selected for inclusion in the Alpha Launch of the Midas Exchange. Register for Alpha Testing and begin using the Midas Exchange to receive SIN and several other great coin airdrops. All cryptocurrencies available on Midas InstantBuy will be listed on the Midas Exchange, after alpha testing is complete.

Watch this video to find out about Midas Exchange features and how these differ to other Cryptocurrency Exchanges. Also, learn about how your trading results can increase and obtain information on all Alpha Launch coins. SINOVATE is delighted to be included in the Midas Exchange Alpha Launch, and excited to witness results amassed from the impending Mainnet release. Community Members are encouraged to register to the Alpha Launch (instructions provided in the above linked video), which will greatly assist Midas and ourselves in optimizing results and ensuring full functionality.

SINOVATE Monthly Update 22

Free Hash Friday Twitter Bounty

Like this tweet, follow @AIOMinerand retweet and comment #Freehashfriday for the chance to win 10,000 SIN. Up to $50 worth of prizes are up for grabs. Best of luck to all participants!

SINOVATE Monthly Update 23

SINOVATE Twitter Bounty: Win $10 worth SIN

Congratulations to SINOVATE Community Member @yasmininmi, who won $10 worth of SIN by following the below rules, courtesy of our Twitter Bounty:


SINOVATE Monthly Update 24

Our latest Financial Statement can be accessed in various formats:

September 2019 Financial Statement Medium

September 2019 Financial Statement Blog

Weekly Updates

Weekly updates for September 2019 can be found below:

SINOVATE Weekly Update 26/08/2019 ~ 02/09/2019

SINOVATE Weekly Update 02/09/2019 ~ 09/09/2019

SINOVATE Weekly Report 09/09/2019 ~ 16/09/2019

SINOVATE Weekly Report 16/09/2019 ~ 23/09/2019

SINOVATE Weekly Report 23/09/2019 ~30/09/2019

September 2019 Monthly Report PDF Format [insert link]

Join us and stay tuned for all forthcoming updates via our website and social media platforms:

Website . Discord . Telegram . Bitcointalk . Twitter . Facebook . Linkedin . YouTube . Team

Author: Amit Kaushal

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