August 2019

The SINOVATE (SIN) Team experienced an exciting and action-packed August. This article forms part of an on-going monthly series, where key activities and milestones achieved will be discussed.

SINOVATE holds first AMA Session

SINOVATE held its first AMA (ask me anything) session on 06.08.2019 at 17:00:00 Beiijing time, hosted by the popular Digital Asset Trading Platform CITEX. Community Members were afforded the opportunity to ask Muzili, Zuozuo, Dongdong as well as CEO & Founder Tamer Dagli questions for 1.5 hours, including the latest news on development, future use cases and long-term plans.

SINOVATE Website & Whitepaper published in multiple additional languages

The SINOVATE Website and Whitepaper are now available in Vietnamese, Portuguese and Italian:

Vietnamese Website

Vietnamese Whitepaper

Portuguese Website

Portuguese Whitepaper

Italian Website

Italian Whitepaper

SINOVATE Android Wallet

Check out our video teaser for the SINOVATE Android Wallet. Go-live details will be announced shortly.

SINOVATE, a deflationary model for masternodes article published

An in-depth article regarding SINOVATE’s unique Infinity Nodes is now available. Learn about how our passive income solution successfully solves high inflation and emission issues inherent within all Masternode orientated cryptocurrencies here

SINOVATE Infinity Nodes Web Stats Explorer

The SINOVATE Infinity Nodes Web Stats Explorer has been released. Node holders are able to seamlessly view expiry details specific to their nodes, as well as total Network Hashrate, Address Stats and Burnt Coin Stats across the SIN Blockchain. As always, the SINOVATE Team wishes to thank our fantastic community for its suggestions and continued great support.

SINOVATE Chain Wealth Distribution

SINOVATE Chain Wealth Distribution details are now available. Very few if any other crypto project’s wealth distribution matches that of our own, a resulting factor of having no ICO or Premine since day one.

SINOVATE Weekly Twitter Bounty

1 Tweet, 1 Prize goes to the lucky winner of our Weekly Twitter Bounty. Participants have the chance to win 100,000 SIN:

SINOVATE rating increases to 3.8 on CoinCheckup. Number #81 worldwide ranking achieved

CoinCheckup provides easily accessible, transparent information regarding a wide-range of cryptocurrency projects, including overviews, charts, price predictions and the latest news. SIN’s increased rating and ranking provide a positive outlook to our continued efforts in gaining global traction. SINOVATE details can be found on CoinCheckup here

SINOVATE FAQs published

Answers to FAQs (frequently asked questions) regarding Infinity Nodes, other features and SINOVATE related activity in general can be viewed on our official website. Click here for details

SINOVATE Blog published

The SINOVATE Blog, which contains all SIN related articles including Weekly and Monthly Reports, development updates and Financial Statements has been published

SINOVATE Marketing plans

This surveywas designedto gauge a greater understanding of our community’s general perception of the SINOVATE project. Feedback obtained will enable specialised marketing specific to individual demographics, income, opinions and social profiles. Answers provided will remain anonymous. Many thanks to our community for its amazing support.

YouTube Review on SINOVATE

Renowned Crypto Influencer Seth Estrada posted a detailed YouTube review of SIN. This can be seen here

Community Growth

Organic growth continues to steadily rise. Our Facebook following now stands at close to 14.000.

Bug fixes and Wallet upgrades

A number of Infinity Node and Wallet bugs were resolved. Features were also upgraded for improved functionality:

  • Optimized Core Wallet
  • Hard code limit number of nodes (375)
  • Fixed deadlock instances within Core Wallet
  • Wallet crash problem fixed
  • Hard Fork Private Testnet active

Github Commits

Check our Github Page:


SINOVATE have actively been recruiting new talent, adding to the wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise already assembled:

SINOVATE recruits new Russian Ambassador & Marketer Aleksandr

Alexandr will promote and support SIN within our Russian Community.

SINOVATE recruits new Vietnamese Ambassador Misa

Misa will promote and support SIN within the Vietnamise Community, addressing any questions and concerns raised.

SINOVATE recruits new Blockchain Developer MIP

MIP will be at the forefront of Blockchain development, stabilizing and enhancing network functionality on an on-going basis.

SINOVATE recruits new Brazilian Ambassador Antonio

Antonio will promote, support and establish SIN’s marketing efforts within our growing Brazilian Community. Team Members are highly active on our Discord and Telegram channels, so feel free to drop in and say hi.

Click here for details on all Team Members.

Partnerships & Monitoring Listings

SINOVATE lists on for Infinity Node monitoring

SINOVATE is now available on, which allows Community Members to monitor their Infinity Nodes around the clock. Node status alerts are provided, enabling prompt action to be taken as and when issues arise. Infinity Node holders also receive alerts when payments are received.

SINOVATE Infinity Nodes Trustless cold nodes hosting by #stockmine-xyz

Stock Mine Investment is a trustless Shared Masternode Service, enabling Infinity Node holders to maintain full control of their coins at all times. Masternode uptime monitoring is permitted, as well as auto restore features for stuck nodes and network attacks, as and when these arise. Linux users are simply able to start their nodes from a local wallet, and they are good to go. Stock Mine accepts SIN on a prepaid basis. Join their Discord Server here

SINOVATE available on Blockfolio Signal

SINOVATE is delighted to join Blockfolio Signal , keeping our community fully informed on all project news and updates on the go.

SINOVATE lists on

CryptoWolf is a cross-chain non custodial next generation exchange platform, as well as a leading Fintech Company incorporated in Bulgaria.

CryptoWolf’s robust platform changes how cryptocurrency commerce takes place, by utilizing constantly evolving algorithms which enable near-instant direct exchanges at market price, as well as crypto to fiat conversion. SIN coins can be purchased via Credit and Debit Cards. Personal data is never shared and customer anonymity is a sure bet. Find out more about CryptoWolf and their services here

Weekly Updates

Weekly updates for August 2019 can be found below:

SINOVATE Weekly Update 29/07/2019 ~ 05/08/2019

SINOVATE Weekly Update 05/08/2019 ~ 12/08/2019

SINOVATE Weekly Update 12/08/2019 ~ 19/08/2019

SINOVATE Weekly Report 19/08/2019 ~ 26/08/2019

August 2019 monthly report pdf format:

Join us and stay tuned for all forthcoming updates via our website and social media platforms:

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Author: Amit Kaushal