Thank you for your support, SINOVATE community!

To celebrate SINOVATE’s innovative “Real Deflationary Infinity Nodes”, we are giving away 100,000 $SIN(600$ value but the value may change)coins as a shared node from for the best tweet every week.

Rules of participation are as follows, and every action must be completed for qualification:

#1. Follow SINOVATE on — Twitter

#2. Follow SINOVATE on — Facebook

#3. Join SINOVATE on —Discord

#4. Join SINOVATE on — Telegram

#5 Subscribe SINOVATE on — YouTube

#6 Follow SINOVATE on — Medium

#7. Retweet the relevant contest tweet of the week

#8. Comment on the tweet and tag three friends

#9. Make a new tweet about SINOVATE — include the cashtag $SIN and tag @SinovateChain

#10 Minimum number of impressions must be 1000!

The top tweet each week wins 100,000 $SIN as a shared node!

“Top tweet” is defined as the tweet with the most total interactions (impressions, engagements, retweets, likes and comments). The winners will get one shared node of their choice from and they will keep earning daily rewards from the found blocks.

All the participants must post their impressions shown in the picture below: is SINOVATE approved trusted shared node provider and currently holding 17 BIG and 8 MID SIN node.

Giveaway will be counted and rewarded every Monday!

Thanks again for being a part of SINOVATE and look forward to our giveaway tweets!

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