SINOVATE (SIN) provides updates on development, business, and marketing activities regularly. Ordinarily, this is carried out daily via our discordtelegram, and twitter channels, as well as weekly and monthly written reports. We are excited to take interaction and communication to the next level through a live AMA on Zoom, commencing on 04.06.2020 at UTC+3. This will last for approximately 2 hours and will be available for live streaming via the SINOVATE YouTube Channel.

Ok, so what’s the purpose of the AMA?

This AMA is a unique opportunity for the community to ask questions to team members on all things SIN. This includes but is not limited to the current state of play for Incorruptible Data Storage I.D.S (IDS)andInfinity Nodes 1.0 development, InfiniteChain, upcoming exchange listings, international marketing campaigns, future innovations and much more. All questions should be raised via youtube, discord, or telegram, with the AMA team providing responses in real-time.

Meet the Team

SINOVATE is proud of its exceptionally skilled, talented, and dedicated team, which is dispersed across the globe. The following team members will be on the Zoom call, ready and willing to assist you. Please click on the links below to find out more about them:

Tamer Dagli (Cryplander): Operating Officer and Community Leader.

Xuantan Nguyen (Xtdevcoin): Head of Development and Big Data Specialist.

Giacomo Milligan (Giaki3003): Lead Core Developer.

M.Atif Karaogul (Hardwarewise): Qt Design & Development & Technical Manager.

Baris Ertül (barisertul): Advisor.

Wayne St Ledger (Crypto Ants Marketing): Marketing Director.

Jayden Hoen (Jayden (Mikey): Video Specialist.

Brieuc Berruet (Brieuc): Doctor in Artificial Intelligence.

Rémy Bonnieu (remy131): Quality Manager & French Ambassador.

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SINOVATE Bounty: Win $50 worth of SIN coins

In preparation for the AMA, a bounty campaign was launched on 07.05.2020. Participants must enter by 05.06.2020,for the chance to win $50 worth of SIN coins. A grand total of $1000 is up for grabs. 20 lucky winners will be selected randomly. The following rules and procedures must be met to qualify. Winners will also be announced on 05.06.2020. Good luck!:

1. Follow @SinovateChainand @FemaleSatoshi

2. Like & Retweet this tweet

3. Tag 3 friends

4. Watch


The Zoom AMA is an ideal opportunity for community members to delve into our project, learn about all current and future activities, and really understand what makes us tick. Despite the on-going COVID-19 pandemic, SINOVATE continues to find new ways to keep our community informed on everything we do. We look forward to meeting you all at the AMA!

Join us and stay tuned for all forthcoming updates via our website and social media platforms:

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Author:Amit Kaushal