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The Blockchain Economy Istanbul Summit proved to be an exceedingly positive participation for SINOVATE (SIN). This article will discuss all that was achieved, as well as the impact on our project moving forward:

When was the Summit? How was it?

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The Blockchain Economy Istanbul Summit took place from 20.02.2020–21.02.2020, and enabled us to discuss all SINOVATE use cases, current plans and what the future holds. SINOVATE is delighted to be one of the sponsors of the event.Our friends at Manganorobot were also present and flew the SIN flag in Istanbul. Promotional activities included SINOVATE banners, placing branded cleaning tissues around the summit and presenting our new Paper Wallet:

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Well-renowned Journalist, SINOVATE Advisor & Investor Barış Ertül was the moderator at the panel speech and asked a diverse range of questions regarding SINOVATE. Operating Officer, Community Leader, and Investor Tamer Dagli discussed all things SIN, such as Infinity NodesI.D.S.Proof of Burn, and much more. Panel members included famous lecturer, academic, and blockchain Professor Ismail Hakki Polat, as well as another famous lecturer, academic, and blockchain entrepreneur Cemil Şinasi Türün. Bitcoin, altcoins and the decentralized cloud were all discussed at length.

Ok, so who else did we speak to? Did we make any new connections?

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Tamer networked with cryptocurrency exchanges BTC-Alphaand ProBit ExchangeHead of Listings at ProBit Esmond Hweewas fascinated by our extensive product and service offerings and has since been in touch with Tamer, regarding a potential listing opportunity. Stay tuned for further details. We are equally excited to build relations with BitTok ExchangeCEO J.D. Salbegoand Crypto.comEuropean General Manager Mariana Gospodinova. Discussions and conversations also took place with representatives from IcrypexOKEx,BitpandaandSHORTEX.

Furthermore, Tamer enjoyed lengthy discussions with Burak Köse from the Turkish crypto media source Uzmancoin, who conducted this video interview. The English translated version will be published shortly.

Significantly increasing our exposure is a top priority, and we are delighted to connect with the famous Turkish Influencer altcoinrookieWe will be attending substantial marketing events alongside Rookie, so keep your eyes peeled for the SINOVATE video interview on the altcoinrookie crypto show, which is coming soon.


Attending the Blockchain Economy Istanbul Summit provided us with the perfect avenue to promote all of SINOVATE’s offerings, vastly increasing our networking circle simultaneously. A number of exciting new exchange listing and partnership opportunities have directly emerged from the summit. Turkish Officials were also in attendance, and are positive and enthusiastic about using cryptocurrencies for real-world usage. We will attend global events ongoingly, in order to establish wider adoption for the SINOVATE project.

Join us and stay tuned for all forthcoming updates via our website and social media platforms:

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Author:Amit Kaushal